Dreamy Floral and Coral Nursery

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The day my husband and I found out that we were going to welcome a little girl into our world, I felt like I was in a beautiful dream! We purchased a home in preparation for our growing family and made the nursery our first focal point.  The room for the nursery was chosen for it's spaciousness and natural light. I wanted to create a dreamy and peaceful space to emulate the emotion I felt on the day I was told she would be a she. Thus we filled the room with a delightful amount of girly pretties including florals, coral hues, and gold accents. The floral mobile (which is handmade by my talented aunt and a family friend) was gifted to us and became the inspiration for everything else. With the help of my parents, we created the oasis we wanted for our little angel. It was a true labor of love and worth every second. My parents even reupholstered my childhood rocking chair to match our color scheme! Now our little girl has arrived bringing us so much joy, and we hope her nursery brings her sweet dreams every day! Beth Adilly so remarkably captured the love that this room and our baby girl bring us each day.  Our dreams have come true. Just pinch me!


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    I absolutely love this nursery. And especially the floral mobile. Could I ask where you found the perfect color flowers?

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    This mobile was gifted to me by my aunt and a family friend. I will inquire about where they found the flowers! Thanks!

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