Maddox’s Mountain Nursery

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I fell in love with the idea of a mountain mural for my second son’s nursery and the overall concept grew from there. We also felt like it was a perfect compliment to his big brother’s “California” room. It was important for us to chose something that will stand the test of time from nursery to kid’s room. I especially love the shades of blue we used (after careful consideration) and how inviting the colors make the room. We measured out a grid on the wall to get the mountains outlined and then used a projector for the tree silhouettes. I was lucky enough to find several items used, including the crib and large dresser. I made the mobile using wooden triangles, fishing line and a wooden round. I also made two of the art prints and added “explore” to the small globe. Putting the nursery together was such a fun and unique experience, slowly collecting pieces that fit and watching the room take shape, imagining the little life that would soon come home to this space!


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    I love this. Do you care to share your paint colors. I’m far from artistic but my husband is going to give this a try.

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    Can you tell me what colors you used please!? I’m having my first baby, and it’s a boy and I would love to do this in his room

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    I don’t believe it’s paint, on Etsy you can find that exact murel that comes in peel and stick wall paper sheets. I have the exact same one in my sons room. It looks great and came out way better then if i tired to paint it lol.

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    Please tell me what colors you used for your mural. I love it . My daughter and son in law want to try this. Thank you

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