Mackenzie’s 2nd Birthday Party – Under the Sea

  • 1/21
  • 2/21
  • 3/21
  • Gold Fish Crackers for "Under the Sea" Birthday Party
  • 5/21
  • 6/21
  • 7/21
  • Scalloped Ombre Cake
  • 9/21
  • 10/21
  • 11/21
  • Starfish Hairbows at this "Under the Sea" Birthday Party
  • 13/21
  • 14/21
  • 15/21
  • 16/21
  • 17/21
  • 18/21
  • 19/21
  • 20/21
  • Seashell Invitations


My daughter's second birthday was coming up and wanted to make it extra special for her. So I created an Under the Sea themed party for her with the help of my sister Vanessa at Amaya Party Productions.

Design Inspiration

My mother had bought The Little Mermaid movie for my daughter awhile back and my daughter absolutely loved it! so much that she would ask for it to be played "one more" time....which is again and again.  I wanted as much handcrafted items as possible so I enlisted the help from my beautiful sister Vanessa at Amaya Party Productions to help me bring my vision for this party to life.

Decorating Style

Simple, classic, and fun

Project Details

The fabric backdrops behind the cake table and outdoor sitting area were made by myself and sister Vanessa at Amaya Party Productions.

Vanessa also handmade the gorgeous seashell invitations, candy cable boxes, mermaid sign and the seashell chair that Ariel sat on to sing and read to the kids.

Princess Ariel was amazing and had the most beautiful voice and she did such a great job with the kids.

My talented and beautiful friend Stephanie De La Riva Photography captured the day with all the gorgeous photographs

Favorite Items

I really loved the backdrop and cake stand my sister created. I also loved the craft table we had outside for the kids to color and paint their own treasure boxes. They crayon roll ups were also so fun and cute for the kids to take home.


Pinterest was a great way to keep a mood board and idea board going. Create a budget and anywhere you can fit in handmade items the better. Don't be afraid to ask for some help setting up on the day of the party.


  1. 1

    How did your sister crest the shell hair please let me know I would like to that for my daughter

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  6. 6

    Hello. I fell in love with the whole theme. I wanted to know how did you make or where did you buy the sea shell crest for the chair!!!? Thank you.

  7. 8

    How did you make the shell chair please? I have been trying to get ideas for a chair for a party
    For some time now. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. 9

    Hi wondering how you made the shell chair ? My daughter is also having a little mermaid party and this would be great , thank you

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  13. 14
  14. 15
  15. 16
  16. 18

    Hi I want to make the sea shell for my daughters can u please tell me how u make the back with sea shell chair

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