Macey Quinn’s Nursery

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Her older brother Madden is just 18 months old and has moved into his own room. Now Macey has moved into the room and has made it her own. Woodland bird themed with a feminine touch.

Design Inspiration

The birds that are hanging on the birch tree branch gave me the insiration for the room. My mom made them for me when I told her about my idea.

Decorating Style

I wanted to give my daughter a nice calm room by bring the outdoors in.


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    I Love how you feminized this room but still used the basic elements from the last one. The pink curtains look great, and I LOVE the chaise you put in the corner. Where did you get it (the chaise)???

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    I love the feminine touches, it just goes to show that you accents make the room! Where did you buy that dinosaur themed throw pillow that is just awesome and my daughter would just adore something like it!

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    Thank you very much. My mom found the pillow at Old Time Pottery. It is one of those stores where you never know what you might find.

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    The color is a shade of blueish grey and I don’t remember what it is called but I know it was Martha Stewart.

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    I really would like to know the color of grey paint.. Also how did you make the branch..

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