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Little Miss Sunshine’s 4th Birthday Party


Having a girl means you can play with so many colors for her party, you have a choice to add extra bling, bright or shimmer which always adds that pizzazz to it.

My daughter is a Summer Baby, and she is a very happy child by nature. She is such a morning person who is smiling right of the bed. She is a true Sunshine of Our Home. I have been wanting to do this theme for her and finally did on her 4th Birthday.

Most of the decorations are handmade. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing Cake Bunting and Photo Booth. It was so much fun arranging all of it. was a big help to get Cake Toppers and Cup Cake Toppers.

It was such a pleasant experience shopping and preparing for this theme!

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  1. avatar Saili says:

    I vote sunshine birthday party

  2. avatar Akshita Chakravorty says:

    My vote goes to miss sunshine :)

  3. avatar Preeti Chhabra says:

    I vote for miss sunshine

  4. avatar S M Bagla says:

    I vote for sunshine 4th birthday party

  5. avatar S M Bagla says:

    I vote to miss sunshine 4th birthday party

  6. avatar Nag says:

    My 100% vote for miss sunshine.

  7. avatar Yachu says:

    I vote little Miss sunshine.

  8. avatar Bhumika Limbu says:

    I vote little miss sunshine

  9. avatar Priya Londhe says:

    I vote little miss sunshine

  10. avatar Beth says:

    For everyone voting in the comments on this party, you have to vote in the poll on this post: to have your vote counted in the contest.

  11. avatar Maheshi Udugama says:

    I vote little miss sunshine. .

  12. avatar Malika Singhal says:

    I vote little miss sunshine

  13. avatar Bhakti says:

    I vote Little Miss Sunshine.