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Little Miss K’s Pink and Teal Nursery


This nursery really was a DIY labor of love for our beautiful baby girl... now we wait for her arrival!

Design Inspiration

We wanted to create a bright and beautiful yet fun and feminine room for our baby girl. The best part about the nursery is all of the furniture (except the crib) has been refurbished. The dresser (my favorite) is an antique that my family has had for years, got me through college, and just needed a little makeover to be the perfect dresser for little Miss K! The book display was built by my father using scraps of wood finishings from the house I grew up in. The glider and bookshelf are thrift store/Craigslist purchases that just needed some extra love. My mother and I found this perfect floral print about 4 minutes into our first fabric shopping endeavor - and I love the way it fits with all of the other beautiful colors and patterns (Thanks, Mom!).


Project Details

Crib: Target

Fabric: Joann Fabric.

Everything else thrifted, passed down, gifts, etc.

Favorite Items

The dresser. It was really beat up before we painted it... it still has some scratches and character marks, but that's why I love it. It is an old family item that we were able to give a new look and purpose! I also didn't want a dresser and a changing table since the room is a bit smaller... so it works nicely for a dresser and changing table.


If you choose to take on the challenge of painting a chevron wall: Take your time up front (double - triple - quadruple) measuring out and taping off the chevron wall! It takes quite a bit of time.

Try using spray paint for furniture... it is more costly but well worth it as it looks cleaner, shinier and brighter than brush painting!