Little B’s Big Boy Room

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Fun playful room with lots of color and on a budget!

Design Inspiration

We live in a small, rental apartment on the Upper West Side of NYC so space and freedom to do whatever we want is limited but we are fortunate that he has a large bedroom, at least by NY standards!  When our 3 1/2 yo son changed over to a big boy bed a year ago, we wanted to make his room more of a big boy room too, getting rid of the pastel colors from his nursery.  We were hoping to steer clear of a theme-y room but how can you can avoid trucks and cars when you have a boy?  So, they snuck their way in on the sheets and pillow.  The cubed shelving and baskets from Target give us extra toy  storage space while holding all of B's books.  We love it but more than anything, our son loves it!

Decorating Style

Nantucket, simple, light, airy, and on a budget.

Project Details

We used a trundle bed we already owned, dresser from Ikea found on Craigslist, cubed bookshelves from Target, front facing bookshelves from Ikea, gray bedding from Land of Nod, quilt from TJ Maxx and a denim rag rug from Land of Nod to ground it all.  I found his transportation sheets and car pillow from Target.  And to add a bit of playful whimsy, I made the bunting that is hanging from the ceiling.  I think this is one of my son's favorite aspects of the whole room. The rocket painting above his shelving is an original from my husband!  We also got the vintage car poster above the bed at Target.  It was in a broken frame so it was on sale for $7 and just in time, we found the perfect sized frame out in our building's garbage area!

Favorite Items

The ceiling bunting that I made is my favorite part of the room but I also love the felt blocks from Pottery Barn on his dresser.  Someone gave them to him when he was born so they hold sentimental value as well.  I also love the vintage airline poster that was a gift to me when I was a flight attendant.


  1. 1

    I love the colors you picked!  I’m especially fond of grey and blue.  It’s so hard to design for a toddler- especially a boy because they really only like one thing…and that one thing has to have wheels!  Whether it’s cars, trucks, trains, planes, or all of the above, they end up everywhere.  You’ve done a great job keeping it organized and streamlined so to speak!  I’d love to know where you got your bed- I’d love to have one just like it for my toddler :)

  2. 2

    Oh, thank you so much!  It is such a challenge to design for a little boy, I totally agree!  I tried so hard to keep it from being themey but as you said, anything with wheels has to be incorporated somewhere…it’s all our child owns!  :)  As far as the trundle daybed goes, I have no idea where we ordered it.  We bought it online 4 years ago but I don’t remember the site…it was random.  I feel like I remember the company being in CT though.  Sorry I’m not of more help!  All the best!

  3. 3

    I’m touched that you’ve made an effort to frame pictures of your family and put it up on the wall.  That is a great way to personalize a boy’s room…

  4. 4

    You just can’t go wrong with primary colors.  I think that if it were women’s fashion, primary colors would be the equivalent of the little black dress!

  5. 5

    Great work here.  I think that the cars, trucks and airplanes that “snuck” their way into the room made it more beautiful.  They really complement the colors and the decors you chose here.  I love those felt letters too, and it adds a sense of the whimsical to the room.

  6. 6

    Hi there, I love the room and am trying to get some ideas for my sons room. Just wondering what paint colour you used?


  7. 7

    Hi there, I love the room and am trying to get some ideas for my sons room. Just wondering what paint colour you used?


  8. 8

    @Janes – I’m so sorry I’m getting back to you so late. I didn’t notice you had responded. Regarding the paint, I have no idea. It was a Benjamin Moore color but we just recently had to give our paint can to the superintendent of our building so they could buy some more to make touch ups to this room. If I can find the name, I’ll get back to you!

  9. 9

    The room is great! I am wondering where you got the book shelves!!! Or did you make them? Love them!

  10. 10

    Hi! We live on the UWS too! Which color did you get in the shag rug from LON? They have 3 colors. Thanks!! Shari

  11. 11

    I’m so sorry Shari and Katie that I didn’t respond to you guys. I just ran upon my posting and saw that you had both left a comment. So I’m probably too late to be any good to you but for what it’s worth :) I’ll answer anyway! Shari, hi UWS neighbor! The Land of Nod rug was in their denim color. It’s literally denim pieces but hides everything! We’ve been very happy with it. Katie, the shelves are a little bit of this and that. We got creative since we were on a budget. The set of 9 cubed shelves came from Target and the tall ones beside it are 2 different shelves that stacked on top of each other. We took the top square shelf of one and the bottom square shelf of the other off and connected the two together. I don’t know if that makes any sense but hopefully you know what I mean. :) Thank you for your nice words!

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    Room looks great! How did you make the ceiling bunting? Is it felt or fabric?. I love how the bunting ties everything together.

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  15. 19

    Did anyone ever find the paint color? I’m looking for something similar but they all seem to purple for a boys room. Help!

  16. 20
  17. 23


    I love the blue paint color you chose for your son’s room! I don’t see the paint name mentioned…would you be willing to share? I would love to know 😍


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  20. 26

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if baker is a wall decal or ifs was painted on?
    If so, where did you find the round letter decals in Navy?
    Thank you in advance

  21. 27

    Do you happen to know the paint color name and manufacturer? That’s the color I’m wanting for my little boy’s room!

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