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Lincoln’s Modern Woodland Nursery


I wanted a nursery that was simple but also fun and colorful. Our guest room already had the green accent wall so we decided to just roll with it and try to keep the other items clean and modern. Another goal was to not overwhelm or clutter the room with too much decor so we decided on just few key pieces that helped define the room and give it character.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for a woodland themed nursery were these awesome pillows on I discovered on Etsy. They were decently priced and of course, so adorable! I knew I just had to have them. I also was inspired by all the faux deer heads I kept seeing online.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is eclectic. I'm not a huge fan of rooms that are all matchy-matchy or overly cluttered. I like to keep things fun and fresh.

Project Details

Crib, Dresser, Rocking Chair & Rocking Moose: IKEA Ottoman, Rug & Lamp: Target Burlap Pillows: World Market Animal Pillows: Etsy - Antler Frame: Kohls Owl Figurine: Marshalls Faux Deer Head: DIY Bookshelves: DIY (made by a friend) Books: Thrift Store

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room has got to be the faux deer head I made out of paper mache! It's obviously not perfect but for $20, I'm in love with it!


Make sure you have clear vision of what you want and if you see something that inspires you, run with it! Don't get stuck on one particular item though. For example, I really wanted this faux deer head I saw online but it was just so expensive so I did the research on how I could make my own! And look around at all kinds of stores and thrift shops (if you have good ones in your area) to find what you're looking for. Remember that not everything has to match or be perfect and most importantly, be flexible and have fun with it! I had so many ideas in the beginning but ended up having to narrow it down to what was most important to me.


Tuesday 30th of October 2012

I've been seeing a lot of that ottoman, and it still looks great. I love the fun colors you used here and how you "baby-fied" a woodland theme!

Alison Mar

Tuesday 30th of October 2012

I think the woodland accents are lovely. I'm glad you didn't go "woodland" all the way, though, and you didn't paint the walls woodlandsy colors. I like how the room still looks airy and light

Kimmy Doraine

Sunday 28th of October 2012

I really really like the woodland-themed accents and decor. But this nursery is too posh and modern it looks nowhere near a woodland. LOL.

Alison Mar

Tuesday 30th of October 2012

I agree. When I think of woodland-themed rooms, I picture them quite dark or gloomy, thanks to earth colors like browns and greens, oranges and dull-toned yellows.