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Lilly Rose’s Eclectic Garden Nursery


Originally, I was torn between two nursery themes: a simple clean modern nursery or a girly vintage chic one.  When I imagined the things I wanted to put in her nursery, many held sentimental value, and it became an easy decision.  I realize now, I probably went about designing her room backwards...but in the end, fell in LOVE with it!  I found the rug first, at TJ Maxx on clearance($99).....but it was really hard to find bed linens that matched or did not take away from the beauty of the rug.  So my first DIY project was to make her bed skirt from a tonal brown striped fabric and some pom pom trim....when I say "make" it, what I mean is....iron some pom poms onto fabric with stitchery witchery and then attach it underneath the mattress with some safety pins. Her lime polka dot sheet is a cheapy from Target, and I added some bows to the bed as well....safely attached of course! A good friend of mine made her a gorgeous crochet blanket that matches her rug beautifully, it is really a piece of art!! Her bed($600) was the BIGGEST splurge for her room, and if I'm being honest it's much nicer than my own!  It's a convertible crib from Pottery Barn that should last until she decides to leave the nest!  Her dresser ($200) was from a vintage shop as well as the mirror($80).  I chose the rocking chair ($450) because it gave me a little bit of the modern feel, AND it was a neutral color, AND can be repurposed into another room later on.  Her curtains, are from Target ($40).....I know of at least 3 more people that bought them for their nurseries after seeing mine....they had 3 or 4 different color ways.

Her ladybug mobile over the changing table was given to me by my husband over 15 years ago, he knows I like's perfect because all gardens need ladybugs!  My Aunt gave me the Christening dress which I hung by the mirror because it was too beautiful to hide away in the closet.  Speaking of closet, it's one of my favorite things about her room, a nice colorful surprise when you open!  I made the clothes organizers myself, and the center  of the flowers on the organizers are buttons my mom collected along time ago. Also in the closet are a couple of baskets ($30) from TJ Maxx to house extra bed sheets and clothes she outgrows. I made her a Name frame which hangs on her door, and used more of my mom's buttons for the butterflies! I love making things...the little canvas with elephants as well as her framed Letter "L" above the bed are my creations too.

All the elephants in her room came from TJ Maxx.....her book rack is from there as well. My Aunt gave her the cute Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Sign.  She has some doilies which you cannot see from a couple great grandmothers in her room as well.  And lots of books from when I was a child.  Even though these are merely "things" I like to think they have been passed on with lots of LOVE!

All in all, her nursery was under $2,000...not a low budget room, but also not excessively expensive.