Liesl’s 3rd Birthday – A Madeline in Paris Party

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The Madeline book series is one of my daughter's absolute favorites.   We've been reading them together for over a year now, and Liesl can recite most of the lines by heart.  Once I saw how much she (and I) loved reading these books, I decided to use 'Madeline in Paris' as the theme for her 3rd birthday party.

Design Inspiration

There are so many iconic items from the Madeline book series - Madeline & her yellow hat, Miss Clavel, Genevieve & her puppies, The Old House in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, etc.  So, it was pretty easy to pick things out from the book and make them work for the party.  Also, it was fun to make kid inspired "french food" for the party to tie into the theme.

Project Details

A huge thank you to all my amazing vendors!

Madeline themed paper products, balloons, wall decals, cardboard cut-outs: Birthday Express

Madeline Dress Food Placecards: Emily Klaparda

Party Invitations: Emily Klaparda

Custom Birthday Signage: Emily Klaparda

Yellow Party Hat Favors: Emily Klaprda

Madeline, Miss Clavel, & Genevieve centerpieces: Play Patterns 

Yellow hat sugar cookies:  Lori's Place

Puppy Party Rentals: Pups & Reps

Birthday girl dress: Zulily

Birthday girl's yellow hair bows: Simple Design Bows

Mini French Envelope Placecards: Le Paper Cafe

Chocolate Eiffel Towers: hitsthespot

French Flag Macarons: Le BonbonLA

Fabric Bunting: Jilpi

Plastic Milk Bottles: Cute Kids Food Box

Madeline & Genevieve Cake Topper: Edible Designs By Letty

Rice Krispie Treat Fondant Toppers: Edible Designs By Letty

Birthday Cake: Duff's Cakemix & Emily Klaparda

Mini Eiffel Tower Bunting: waxresistance

"Liesl" banner: Prop Shop Boutique

Stripey Straws: BonaCeri

Madeline Clipart: Lane and May

Eiffel Tower Crayon Party Favors: My Little Otter

"Old House in Paris" playhouse: My Favorite Playhouse






Favorite Items

I had fun painting and decorating the cardboard playhouse just like the "Old House in Paris" from the Madeline books.  The kids had quite a bit of fun playing in it as well!

The puppy party was also a big hit with all the kids - who doesn't love puppies?

I also especially loved how the Madeline Cake topper turned out - just like I had imagined!  And I found an Eiffel Tower candle that worked perfectly on top as well!


  1. 1

    Wow– you’ve done it again! I am always so impressed with the details and quality of your project. You’ve blown us away once again with this 3rd birthday.

  2. 2

    All of your projects are amazing! Who is your photographer or do you take the pictures as well?

  3. 3

    are there instructions on how to make the projects? I want to make the hats and can’t seem to find how.

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

    I absolutely love your invites! I’m planning a Madeline party for my daughter’s first birthday. Where did you find the blue enclosures?

  7. 7

    Hi Emily,

    I’ve searched for the wall decals everywhere and they are out of stock :(. Would you be able to sell me the ones you have? If you can’t or prefer not too, I totally understand.

    Thank you,
    Brenda M-Terrazas

  8. 9

    Seriously one of the cutest parties I have ever seen! I have been wanting to throw a Madeline party for my girl. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. 12

    Looking for ideas for my granddaughters nursery. Theme is Madeline. Not finding much. Does anyone have ideas? I am thinking of using yellow and white polka dots for sheets , etc. thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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