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Lennon’s Ocean Nursery


My husband is from the Caribbean so I wanted a beautiful ocean theme for our son. This room was previously an indoor greenhouse (hence all the windows) so the floor is slightly angled and has a tile floor. This was completely redone and I installed carpet and lots of elbow grease.

Design Inspiration

I love the print of the Great Wave of Kanagawa, so I used this as inspiration for the entire room after I found a company that could custom make the decal for me. I wanted blues like the ocean and used the orange/copper and black as accent colors.

Favorite Items

I love the decal and the orange monster octopus that I made for him. I also really love the original artwork of the crabs in the beeswax. My father died before he was able to meet my son so I kept all of his neckties and made the curtain for one of the windows and the window tie backs out of his neck ties. I love that something of my dads is with my son. My mom was generous enough to make the wave print quilt, bed skirt, and curtains.

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  1. avatar Sabrina says:

    It was from a seller on etsy :)

  2. avatar jen says:

    Great room! Where did you get the jellyfish from?

  3. I think using your father’s ties as curtains for the windows is such an amazing idea. It’s a great way to incorporate your father’s presence into the room.

  4. avatar Sabrina says:

    I got this from an etsy seller (stickerbrand) for only $85!

  5. avatar maia says:

    Oh my goodness, this is such a statement nursery! I love the Great Wave of Kanagawa myself and I think it’s such a bold move to have it as accent on one wall. Lucky you to have found this wall decal!