Landon’s Grey and White Nursery

  • Horizontal Stripes Accent Wall in this Modern Nursery
  • Colorful Alphabet Nursery Wall
  • Jack Johnson Lyrics on Canvases
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  • Grey and White Polka Dot Bench
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My son's nursery, designed by me, his momma. I loved the grey and white theme, and I love the colors turquoise and mustard so I combined!


Design Inspiration

Pinterest helped inspire a lot of his nursery. The craft projects and the decor were from ideas I saw on Pinterest.

Decorating Style

Clean, fun, and unique.

Project Details

My favorite part about his nursery is the alphabet wall. All the letters were painted by my family and friends at my baby shower. They're all so unique and flow together perfectly. So sentimental AND beautiful, a great combination. I also love the Jack Johnson lyrics that I put together on the canvases. I love love LOVE Jack, and his lyrics are beautiful, and in my opinion perfect for a nursery. Check out what else I made for the room:

Favorite Items

My chair. The most comfortable piece of furniture I've ever sat in! Though for sentimental reasons, I love the bench as well. I remodeled it to match the rest of the room, but this bench was around in my parents house before I was even born. It has followed me to every house I've lived in going from fuzzy pink leopard print fabric in my teen years, to a pretty floral print in me and my husbands first apartment together, and now to grey and white polka dots for my Landon's nursery.


Look around on Pinterest and other nurseries to get ideas!


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    Storage cube was from and as for the wall paint I don’t remember! I think it was a Martha Stewart paint from Home Depot but I could be wrong sorry!

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    Thank you! I actually used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the lyrics out of paper and then glued them on with mod podge!

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