Korben’s Pirate Room

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Pirate room

Design Inspiration

Pirate ship

Decorating Style

Vintage and fun

Project Details

JCPenney furniture

Favorite Items

The pirate ship mast on the crib wall and home made shelfs


Easy but takes some time


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    hi there, again a request for that epic mast i have painted my sons room done a mural on one wall and painted his cabin bed to look like the ship but didnt know how to go about the sails part. this would finish the room perfectly if you dont mind emailing me the how to or anyone who does thanks X great job [email protected]

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    I love the theme! We are planning a pirates theme for my son’s room too. Would you mind emailing me the directions for how you guys built the mast?

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    Like everyone i want to make this. Can i please have directions. It looks easy enough but maube where did you get the rope accents?

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    Hi I’m having a son and would love to make this mast for his bedroom! Seems you’ve started a trend. If you have directions or advice it would be much appreciated [email protected]

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    Awesome job on the nursery!! I’m planning to build a pirate mast in my twins sea themed nursery. Would you mind sending me a shopping list and instructions? My email address is [email protected]. Thank you so much!
    David Price

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    HI can you please email me instructions of how to create the mast. The wall decorations above your crib please. Youve done a stunning job!

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    Hello!! I’m french, i look for nursery decoration.
    Do you have instructions on how to make the mast? would you mind emailing me, please : [email protected] ? Thank you very much.

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    Can you please tell me where to get the cargo rope ladders and/or supply the directions? Thank You!

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