Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Feast

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This year I set up a little Thanksgiving feast, to help get my toddler in the spirit of thankfulness. I displayed store bought treats, created Pilgrim & Indian printables, and set up a cider stand. Turkey sandwiches, and corn coblettes were on the menu. The no-cost tee pee that I constructed was a hit, and a fun source of entertainment & imagination!

Project Details

I created some simple festive Pilgrim & Indian printables. I added them to the meal baskets, treats, cider stand, and dessert table. I also made two colorful banners by using paint chips from my local hardware store. I arranged the colors, and hot glued them to baker's twine. They added just the right amount of fun to the entrance of my tee pee. My tee pee was constructed from left over lumber I found in my backyard. I also had some extra burlap from a previous event, and used that for the tee pee cover. My table runner, cider stand cover, and paper fan hanging on the tee pee were all made from a roll of wrapping paper. I spotted a colorful roll and Dollar Tree, and knew it would make for the perfect accent to my kid-friendly feast.


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