Kenley’s Soft and Feminine Nursery

  • Soft and Feminine Nursery1/12
  • IKEA Hemnes Gray/Brown Dresser2/12
  • Shadow Box Frames to Display Baby Clothes3/12
  • White IKEA EKTORP JENNYLUND Chair with Moroccan Pouf4/12
  • Gold Accent Dots in the Closet5/12
  • Fun Fabric Garland6/12
  • 7/12
  • Wire Wall Letter "K"8/12
  • 9/12
  • 10/12
  • Lavender, Peach and Aqua Nursery11/12
  • Love Pillow12/12


A soft and feminine nursery for our second baby girl with pieces that will grow with her. Drawn to the opposite style from the modern and playful design of her older sister's room.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by busy floral fabrics and muted colors - lavender, peach and aqua.  I was drawn to lots of feminine details.

Project Details

Floral Pillow and Blanket:  DIY

Gold Knobs: DIY painted gold

Favorite Items

Shadowbox Dresses, Fabric Garland, Pom Trim Curtains, Closet


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    I’m searching Ikea furniture and I ran across your post… my 15 year old daughter’s name is Kenley too :) We’ve never seen anyone else with that name.
    I’m wondering how you picked the name :) I love the nursery too!

  6. 6

    We just always liked it! We like that’s a bit different, but not too out there and sounds nice with Ashlynn, her older sister :)

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    Beautiful Room! Do You Have a Page Where You Explain/Show How You Framed The Dresses? I Am Looking To Do This With a Couple Of My Daughters Dresses. I Love How Yours Don’t Look Flat In The Shadow Boxes Like Others I’ve Seen. Thanks!

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    Do you ever make blanket does other people? I love the blanket in this picture it’s perfect!

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    What is the paint color you used on the dresser?
    I saw that the dresser comes in black-brown, black, and white.
    I really love what you did!

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