Kayna’s Toddler Room

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My daughter turned 3, and we upgraded her nursery to a "big girl" toddler room. I wanted something that would grow with her, but yet still be fun, colorful & playful for a young child.

Design Inspiration

I didn't want to do anything with a "theme" and I wanted something clean & whimsical that would grow with my daughter. 

Decorating Style

Modern, Fresh, Contemporary, Clean Lines

Project Details

Her bed is a full size - converted from her crib.  Her dresser & night stand both belonged to my husband as a child (dark brown 70's with brass hardware).  We just re-painted them to match her room, and bought modern nickle hardware from Lowes to clean them up.  Total cost was less then $20.

Favorite Items

Her Green & White Dresser that we repainted - I love how it turned out!


Be creative, and don't hesitate to re-use old furniture and items to give a room a loved, new look!


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    The room’s bright and colorful, and really looks perfect for a little girl. I like the big bed and the cute little “stairs” to help her climb up. And the hammock-like “shelves” for the stuffed toys.

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