Juliet’s Mint Green Nursery

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A woodland inspired mint green nursery with a bit of Carolina charm for our little girl.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from this wedding photograph I found on Pinterest.  The colors in the photograph were poppy red, blush, and mint green.  I decided to center the room around these colors.

Decorating Style

The nursery is a plethora of styles:  rustic, cottage/shabby chic; meets eclectic.  I also wanted something that wasn't too "babyish", but fun and playful.

Project Details

You can find more details about sources and DIY tips on our blog.


Favorite Items

I believe the crib is my favorite item in the room because of the color.  I also love sitting in the glider- the wings on the side are perfect for resting your head.


To find a piece such as a picture, toy, or fabric for inspiration and chose colors and patterns accordingly.  Choose colors that are neutral and then one or two colors that pop throughout the room and give it some depth.


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    I love the letters on the wall! Did you buy those somewhere? Or make them? If you made them, do you remember what paint you used

    Thanks so much! Beautiful nursery :-)

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