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Jenna’s Mermaid Room


Mermaids with a loose underwater look for more contempory little girl's room.

Design Inspiration

The fabric was already chosen and I used that again as a starting point.  Jenna really loves mermaids and that was really the main inspiration. 

Decorating Style

Eclectic, whimsical, fun

Project Details

I wanted to keep the art loose and just add some fun to the room.  I didn't want to weigh it down with too much detail except for the mermaids themselves. 

Favorite Items

The bedding, the tall dressers with the bench in the middle.


Keep it simple and don't be afraid to try. 

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  1. avatar shtstk says:

    Do you offer decals of these mermaids? I collect mermaids for my bathroom and I would love these.

  2. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Here is a close up of the fabric for the bedding!

  3. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Here is a close up of the fabric for the bedding!

  4. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I am quite intrigued by your bedding. I hope there are close-up photos where we could see the pattern on the bedding fabrics clearly. The patterns look really interesting.

  5. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Yes the mermaids are handpainted.  I really loved the etheral quality to the room and how they were just floating around the room.  I love the various pinks as well.  I tried to paint them in a way that  would not be too young but would last for several years.   Wendy I wish you much luck with your pregnancy!  I look forward to reading up on it at your blog.  Thank you both for your kind words!

  6. avatar wenbow says:

    Nice!  Great work on these mermaids, such wonderful detail.  I’m a muralist too!  I happen to be working on my own nursery after a very long and anticipated struggle with fertility.  I’m tracking the progress at:

    I will be posting the finished project later this summer :o)

  7. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    Are those mermaids on the wall murals? They really have a magical feel to them.  I also like the use of various shades of pink.  Pink is really feminine and it really fits any little girl.