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Sustainable Nursery on a Budget


Knowing we were having a boy, I wanted a room that is cosy, practical and could easily be transformed into something less ‘baby-ish’ as our son grows. Other words on my design 'wish list' were: neutral, simple and timeless - the latter particularly playing on my mind, as I realised the initial baby phase lasts only a heartbeat.

As we had just moved back to our home after a sabbatical (we lived abroad for a year), we didn't have a huge budget to play with, which meant I had to get creative.  All my choices were carefully considered, based on items longevity, sustainability and keeping to the budget - without compromising on the all important fun and design aspect. There is a number of items I made myself (garlands and painted scalloped wall with black chalkboard paint). 

I have written a full blog post about it, which can be found here: