Holiday Playroom Spruce Up

  • Holiday Playroom Spruce Up
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As an event designer, I often find myself pulling together my own holiday decor in the eleventh hour. But this year my 2.5 year-old is Santa's number one fan, and so we have been busy decorating every inch of the house in anticipation of his arrival. And because reindeers loving playing games, we decided to give the playroom a festive spruce up. Pun intended.

We trimmed his mini tree with toddler-proof ornaments, basically all of the Target and Land of Nod plush animals we could find. For the skirt, we went DIY and used his Land of Nod playmat, a much enjoyed gift from last Christmas! To add a little twinkle to his BespOak Interiors tree branch shelf, we used Maker's Holiday star lights. I also created and hung pink and teal balloon ornaments, some jazzed up with Meri Meri stickers. Lastly, we had to deck the shelf with a bow of holly, balloon holly of course!

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