Henry’s Simple and Modern Nursery

  • Simple and Modern Nursery
  • IKEA SUNDVIK White Crib
  • IKEA HEMNES 8-Drawer White Dresser
  • Stork Craft Custom Tuscany White Finish Glider and Ottoman
  • 5/11
  • Alphabet Nursery Print
  • Boy (n): a noise with dirt on it print
  • praise God from whom all blessings flow print
  • dream big little man print
  • i am fearfully and wonderfully made print
  • don't forget to be awesome print


We wanted to give our son a simple and modern, but fun nursery. It turned out very different than my husband and I first thought, but we love it because it's ours. We wanted a room that was obviously a nursery, but wasn't overwhelmingly baby.

Design Inspiration

We saw the "Oh the places you'll go" print in another nursery here on the website (Graham's Bright and Modern Nursery). That became the start and focal aspect of the nursery. We knew we wanted gray walls and decided to accent the nursery with orange to match that print and green.

Decorating Style

Simple, clean, and modern.

Project Details

Dresser, Crib, Clock, Picture Frames, Shelves, and Nightstand - IKEA

Bookshelf and Green Lamp - Target

Gray Chevron Lamp - Home Goods

Orange Owl Pillow , Orange Changing Pad Cover , Canvas, and Dr. Seuss Prints - Etsy

Curtains - Lowe's

Chair - Amazon

Print Collage - Homemade by Husband

Favorite Items

The 3 pic collage of the 3 moms. One picture is my mom, another picture is my husband's mother and the last is me. This is even more special because both my husband and I lost our moms. We also really like the dresser. It is great and holds a lot of clothes, diapers, etc. Love the owl pillow and the frames worked great too. Lastly, we like the prints, especially since they are homemade.


Start with a color and maybe one item. Let that guide the rest. It's ok to change ideas, even if a few low-cost items are bought. We originally were going to do vintage travel, but it just wasn't working so we changed.


  1. 1

    I love this room! The color scheme works so well. I see you got your curtains at Lowe’s but wondered if you could give more detail? I can’t find them online.

  2. 2

    Thanks so much! I looked for the curtains also to try and help, but I couldn’t find them either on Lowe’s website. The brand is Waverly Home Classics and it was Geometric Pattern (green obviously) and 84 in. That’s all I could find out for you. Also, I just now saw your comment sorry it took awhile to hear a reply. Thanks again, good luck with your room. :)

  3. 3

    Can you tell me what color the dresser is. White or white stain?? I’m looking to order a crib and the same dresser from ikea but am not sure which color to order, so that they will match.

  4. 4

    Great room!! Wondering if the crib needed a special mattress and bedding or if a regular crib mattress and bedding worked.

  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7

    Stacy- white I believe. Sorry I didn’t reply. Didn’t see comment for several months (might not have email notification turned on). Sorry again. Good luck!

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