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Henry’s Chevron Nursery


This is the beginning stages of my gray chevrons stripe nursery for my baby Henry. I love the look of the chevron stripe, but the chevron also reflects my grandfather who owned a Chevron Oil Gas Station starting in the 1950s. I have the old chevron toy trucks that were given as promotions years ago surrounding the Henry letters I have hanging. I plan to add more personal touches with pictures soon. The pegboard with the clothes hanging is a pegboard that was given to my mother when I was born. My mom said that she always displayed my favorite clothes on that pegboard so now I display my favorite clothes of Henry's on the pegboard. It's another way to enjoy his clothes since I love dressing him so much too!

Design Inspiration

I wanted something classic and comfortable. I wanted the nursery to reflect a baby boy, yet be original and not some cookie-cutter I'll go buy all the accessories around the crib sheets nursery. I didn't want a "theme" that many have. I wanted something that could grow with Henry.

Decorating Style

I like classic looks with a twist of interest. I like to mix patterns against neutral backdrops or use bright pops of color.

Project Details

I found the chevron rug from Urban Outfitters. I found the ottoman, the lamp, and all the storage containers at Home Goods and TJ Maxx. The glider was bought at Haverty's. The side table was an old sewing table my mother had and we spray painted it gray. The light fixture was bought at Lowes. The chevron crib sheets were bought at Pottery Barn Kids. I ordered the dog prints with chevron backgrounds and chevron print changing pad cover from Etsy. The chevron pattern laundry container was given to me by a close family friend and was found at Burlington. My sister made the mobile handing over the chair using different ribbons and patterns that she cut in circle shapes and dog shapes. We installed the laminate flooring from Lowes and the paint was Valspar MOUNTAIN PASS from Lowes.

Favorite Items

I think the light fixture gives the room a unique interest point (and when Henry was a tiny baby, he loved seeing how the light danced when I turned down the dimmer). Of course, I love anything with the chevron stripe, but the different pattern on the ottoman and storage containers make the room even more visually interesting. I love how the gray paint looks in the early morning hours especially. My sister's homemade mobile is close to my heart also.


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  1. avatar Michelle Love says:

    Wall paint brand & color?

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  3. avatar Kerry says:

    I googled the model and make of the crib. It doesn’t look like they make it anymore. What color is it exactly?

  4. avatar Mayanin says:

    I love the whole chevron nursery look but I have a girl and I’m having a hard time finding the nursery stuff, can u help me please

  5. avatar Averi says:

    Do you remember where you got the crib or what brand it is?

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  8. avatar lauren006 says:

    Where is the cot from

  9. avatar Sharday Correnti says:

    Hi love just a question where did you get the rug from?

  10. avatar hillaryjay says:

    It’s Majestic by Munire

  11. avatar Alycia says:

    What is the name of the crib? Is it by Baby Dreams??

  12. avatar Beth_PN says:

    Hey Carissa, Above she says she got the glider at Haverty’s and the ottoman from Home Goods. Hope that helps!

  13. avatar Carissa says:

    where did you get the rocker and ottoman?

  14. avatar Jen says:

    What is the name of the crib style?

  15. avatar hillaryjay says:

    I ordered the prints from etsy (the shop was in Australia I think, I can look it up) and I didn’t use a crib bumper or skirt.

  16. avatar hillaryjay says:

    I got the rug at urban outfitters because at the time it was hard to find the chevron pattern. Now it’s everywhere- I would definitely find a different rug. The urban outfitters one is very lightweight and beachy like.

  17. avatar amysipes says:

    Where did u get the chevron backed lab pictures? Did u use a crib bumper, if so what did u use?

  18. avatar Kelly Usher says:

    Where did you get the rug?

  19. avatar Hillaryjay says:

    I ordered the copy cover off of etsy from sweetheart-n-sunshine. The furniture is all dark brown, but the color scheme is mostly gray with white curtains and pops of bright blue and a bit of orange on the border of the chevron backed chocolate lab pictures hanging over the crib.

  20. avatar amysipes says:

    Very cute, by looking at the pictures it looks like you used gray mostly, but did you also use taupes/browns. Also, where did you find your boppy pillow cover?

  21. avatar smccain1012 says:

    I found the light fixture on – it’s called – Portfolio 16-3/8-in White Wall Flush Mount.|1#BVRRWidgetID

  22. avatar Dvacca says:

    Love this nursery and am also using some ideas to create my own. Can you provide any additional detail on the light fixture I love it but did not have any luck at Loews was the shade purchased separately?

  23. avatar smccain1012 says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! :-)

  24. avatar hillaryjay says:

    I found the paint in the garage! It’s Valspar from Lowes called Mountain Pass!

  25. avatar hillaryjay says:

    I found the paint in the garage! It’s Valspar from Lowes called Mountain Pass!

  26. avatar smccain1012 says:

    Thank you so much! :-)

  27. avatar hillaryjay says:

    The rug is a 5×7 from Urban Outfitters, but I’ve seen better ones since I searched and searched for this one. It’s not a great quality. I’ve also seen the chevron stripe crib sheets at Target! Thank you so much for liking my nursery! It’s a self-esteem boost for sure :) I’ll figure that paint color out ASAP!

  28. avatar smccain1012 says:

    I am in LOVE with this nursery and I’m actually using your ideas as a template for our son’s nursery! If you can find the name of that Valspar color I would be so appreciative! It is so hard to match it off of the picture! Also, what size is the rug, a 5×7 or 8×10? Thank you :-)

  29. avatar hillaryjay says:

    I’m trying to figure it out! I hate that I can’t remember! I know that the paint is Valspar from Lowes and I think it had the word DUSTED in the title. I’ll figure it out and post very soon!

  30. avatar hillaryjay says:

    I posted more, but they are older ones. I need to take some updated photos soon! But I want to make sure the nursery is super neat and clean for a photo shoot, haha.

  31. avatar hillaryjay says:

    The crib and hutch are Munire :)

  32. avatar kellym says:

    Wall paint brand & color?

  33. avatar jess says:

    Where is the crib from?

  34. avatar nyc mama says:

    Love the color of the hard wood floors, do you know what color stain was used?

  35. avatar Erin says:

    What are the paint colours used?

  36. Only one photo? Well, it doesn’t matter because we can all see that it’s a very elegant and very tastefully done nursery.