Hayes’ Nursery

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We repainted our walls and trim, repainted an old dresser, built a bookcase, purchased a rug/curtains/crib and filled our space with bright colors.

Design Inspiration

I used www.projectnursery.com for a lot of my inspiriation including color palate. From there I decided on a look that would be clean, yet visually appealing. Gray walls with white trim and crib it was. I knew I wanted accents that would grab your attention against the muted background.

Decorating Style

I tend to draw toward modern decorating styles. I always allow for ecclectic, though. If there is any particular piece that I'm interested in I will always go for it, whether it "fits in" with my theme or not.

Project Details

- Barn wood bookcase made by my amazing husband
- Repainted dresser from my husband's grandmother with new hardware purchased from Hobby Lobby
- Unfinished rocker purchased by my parents and finished with a custom stain to match his crib
- Fabric "Foxy Baby" bunting made by a good friend
- Fox and foxy baby throw pillow made by another good and crafty friend

Rug: Home Depot; shag rug that comes in a large variety of colors and patterns (ordered in-store)

Curtains: clearance/discontinued from www.anthropologie.com

Crib: Delta from Babies R Us http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10957612&searchURL=true

Bedding: white and gray zig zag sheet with white crib skirt http://www.babybedding.com/white-and-gray-zig-zag-crib-sheet

11X14 custom lyric prints by Southern Bella Vita Paper Studio on www.etsy.com or [email protected]

Vinyl wall decal purchased from a local sign mart

Various items from Target: ottoman, clock, navy mat, storage bins on top of dresser

Favorite Items

My favorite item would have to be my husband's hand-made bookcase constructed from old barn wood. I had been going on and on about how I was needing a bookcase. I had looked in several flea markets because I was just wanting something I could repaint, nothing special. I came home from work one day to this amazing bookcase that will now be a family heirloom. I absolutely love it!


Don't be afraid to reuse furniture and involve your crafty friends! Also, take your time. I always get in such a hurry to get a project done, but this time it was really nice to let things happen over an extended period of time. It allowed me to find things in places I'd never expected.


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    I think you did a great job – it is unique and really special . . . you are right, the bookcase is wonderful . . . adds a lot of “personality” to the room.

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    I think this nursery is perfect! I love the little pops of color you added and I agree the barn wood bookcase is Perfect! (I’m trying to get my husband on that project too! Great job!

  7. 7

    Your nursery is very sweet! I love the song prints but haven’t been able to find the shop on etsy…is there another name they go by? Did you order this all recently?

  8. 8


    Thank you! It was a gift I received at a shower. I registered for it at a local boutique. I’m not really sure of the brand.

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    Wow beautiful nursery!! Where did you get the table lamp that is on top of the barn bookcase? thx!

  12. 12


    Thank you! It’s actually from Target. They have an entire section of really cute mix-and-match lamps and lampshades. Super economical too!

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    Love what you did, I want to do the exact same monogram letters you did, can you send me the name of the company where you ordered them from, and perhaps the size you used? It looks wonderful. We were going to use wooden letters but we are afraid of them falling from the wall. Decals are the perfect solution!

  14. 14


    I believe it was Gibson’s Sign Mart in Jonesboro, Arkansas http://www.gibsonssignmart.com. I actually stole this design from a friend so I’m unsure of the dimensions, but the company should still have it on file, or know what you’re looking for. Hope that’s helpful!

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    I love this! I have been trying to find a ottoman like this but just can’t. I have looked at Target online but can’t seem to find anything like it. Any ideas? The room is beautiful!

  16. 16

    Hi Lindsey!

    I want my husband to make the bookshelf out of Barnwood. Do you have instructions or dimensions I could use?

    Thank you so much,

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