Haven’s DIY Nursery

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This nursery was a labor of love for my first baby girl. I made a lot of stuff myself to save on costs and repurposing things from our wedding makes those details extra special.

Design Inspiration

I wanted something light and soft and girly but not too over-the-top

Project Details

DIY projects include the ruffle curtains, floor pouf, mobile, dresser redo, and canvas painting. You can read about each of those on my blog.

Crib: Walmart

Chair: Walmart

Floor shelf: IKEA

Favorite Items

Though I got a lot of flack for painting the dresser from various anonymous people online, it's still my favorite thing in the room!


Pinterest! I knew what I wanted a lot of times and then found tutorials on pinterest to create it myself for cheaper. Even if you're not that creative, you can copy things you find online and create a beautiful space!


  1. 1

    Beautiful! So clean and fresh looking and I love the dresser! Why did others give you a hard time about it? You did such a good job and I love the ombre.

  2. 2

    Thanks Jan! They were upset because they said it was a rare McCobb Planner Dresser and I ruined it by painting it, but we still love it!

  3. 3

    Do you know the paint color of the walls. Its exactly what I’m looking for! Gorgeous job, momma!!!!

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