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Harris’s “Mermaid Cottage” Nursery


We wanted to create a nursery that was peaceful, artistic and held a lot of meaning for our baby girl, Harris.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I love being around water and I love mermaids. Besides my husband and I, several  family members created items for her room. Her shelves and toybox were created by my husband and brother in law. The wood was found on their family's 100 year old farm. I did the backwall- I wanted it to be its own piece of art. Overall we wanted the feel of water in the room(mermaid details and photos of the bodies of water that our daughter would grow up around). I added a piece of rose quartz for peace.

Decorating Style

We love vintage and cottage-syle decorating.

Project Details

Etsy is wonderful! The painting technique on the backwall incorporated steel wool.

Favorite Items

Not one favorite item, I love all of the items with meaning...

The pictures on the backwall are the bodies of water that she will grow up around....seaglass/shells that were collected from our wedding, the toybox and shelves that my husband and brother in law built from the wood found on their family's 100 year old farm. We created a place with meaning for her, I think we love everything in the room.


Create something special. A person's bedroom, regardless of age should be a place that induces peace and comfort. Also, think from the perspective of the development of a young child...what do you want them to be able to reach or have accessible and what will help you as parents to be be efficient in care, etc?


Friday 25th of July 2014

This is unique and beautiful!

Renee M Cordes Hope

Friday 25th of July 2014

Thank you, we loved creating it for her. My water broke 3 hours after the last picture was hung on the wall!