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Hannah’s Turquoise and Orange Nursery


This is a turquoise and orange nursery I did for my first born. I did it as a surprise for my wife. All she was allowed to see before it was finished was the closet curtains.

Decorating Style

I have no idea, I just did what I liked.

Project Details

The diamonds are hand painted (which took forever), and I made the bumpers, skirt, and cornices myself. The bumpers came from the tutorial at sew4home and the skirt was from here. The cornice idea came from a bunch of different places found on google. They are a small piece of plywood covered with batting and fabric. I had to sew 2 pieces together to get it wide enough, but you can't really tell unless you already know about it. The closet shelving is from Home Depot which came in large sheets and I cut down to size.

Favorite Items

Definitely the diamonds. They seriously took forever, mostly drying time. The different colors are different sheens. One is eggshell, and one is semi-gloss.


If you're going to do diamonds like this, I recommend trying to do it without using pencil as I still have some pencil marks. Erasers change the sheen, and magic erasers bleed one color into the other.


Monday 21st of January 2013

Nice wall colors. I love those patterns on the lower portion too. My fave though is that bright red frame you put as an accent.

Erika Crooks

Friday 18th of January 2013

Gorgeous! What are the paint colors?