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Girly Oktoberfest Fall Fete


Dachshunds and Oktoberfest go hand in hand in my book, so to celebrate the German fall festival we decided to have a weenie-fete! Their adorably long awkward bodies with their long floppy ears, and chunky paws just make me smile! So, dust off your lederhosen, shimmy into your dirndl, because this party is looooooong on fun!

In addition to the traditional Oktoberfest colors of light blue and white, we added in a pops pink and yellow. If you’ve ever watched the Sound of Music, you’re sure to know the song Edelweiss, which is a flower found in the Bavarian Alps (where you’ll find Munich, the home of the original Oktoberfest). We added little hints of edelweiss throughout the party décor with additions to our straws, utensils, bottle wrappers, and the backs of our adorable little chairs.

The cute wooden dachshund cutouts were found on Etsy, and were stained a rich brown, then flower “crowns” were added to each. The littles even made their own “Edelweiss” flower head crowns to match. The guests loved piling on the flowers!

Each guest also painted her own dachshund to take home. The dachshund shapes were traced onto a canvas, and the girls added their own unique and cute personal touches to them!

Our sweets table was laden with ladyfingers dipped in melted chocolate, which are long and kinda remind me of the doxie’s bodies! We also served chocolate dipped pretzels and yummy doxie topped cupcakes. There were also plenty of yummy marshmallow treats to go around as well.

After several rounds of the “Chicken Dance”, getting dolled up and having a fashion show, we rounded out the evening with a movie and candied popcorn, which was served in the cutest cones crafted from paper that Jen T designed. I absolutely love when a theme can be tied together from start to finish!

Danke schön for taking a peek into our fun night! Hope you enjoyed our fall fete, and perhaps found a little inspiration to create your own girly Oktoberfest-themed party!