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Gender Reveal Party on the Lawn


In anticipation of our first child, we decided to host a gender reveal party for our family and close friends in the beautiful Florida weather! We kept to a budget of about $200 and asked guests to bring a finger food to share in lieu of gifts. We also asked guests to make their vote known by dressing in either pink or white if they thought it was a girl or blue or green if they thought it was a boy.  Then we took pictures of the two teams before we revealed the gender. It was such a special day and an exciting way to share the news about our baby's gender! (It's a boy!)

Design Inspiration

The inspiration came from both of our childhoods.  We wanted to incorporate items that held meaning to us (and our parents), including our old baby clothing and toys, pictures of me and my husband as babies/children, family quilts, and things from our nurseries. Some of these items included our hospital bracelets, a cradle my grandfather built that every grandchild and now great-grandchild as slept in, and our "going-home-from-the-hospital" outfits.

Decorating Style

Because we were trying to do the party on a budget, most of the decor was DIY or gathered from our mothers from when we were babies. We utilized the natural beauty of the private residence we were at which had a giant live oak tree whose shade graced the lawn, patio furniture from the porch, and the lawn itself which was scattered with quilts for guests to relax on. We tried to stick to pink/white and blue/green color combos to build suspense over the baby's gender.

Project Details

Below is a list of the items purchased and those handmade.

Reveal Box: Shorty Wardrobe Box, U-Haul, White Spray Paint (it took 3 cans), then painted by a friend.

Chalkboards: Sold at Lowes and Home Depot (my husband built the frame using trim)

Balloons: Party City

Shortbread "Dot" Cookies: Cookie Cousins (my favorite!)

Bow Tie Onesie: Target

Pink and Blue Straws: Amazon (lots of options!)

| Do-It-Yourself Projects |

The "Ten little fingers" sign was made out of scrap wood, nailed to a stake, and decorated with Crayola paint, ribbons, and buttons from around the house.

We served blue Hawaiian Punch and Pink Lemonade

One of the chalkboards listed old wives' tales and how they applied to my pregnancy (Google search for a list of examples) and then we asked guests to cast their vote on the other chalkboard

The mustache, tie, bow tie, lip, and bow cutouts were simply made by printing outlines of each of those items from the internet onto construction paper, cutting them out, and taping them to wooden grill skewers from the grocery store.

We made tissue paper pom-poms to hang/lay out around some of the tables

Handmade the "BABY" banner out of burlap and fabric paint using stencils

Favorite Items

My favorite item was the family cradle that my grandfather built over 30 years ago with nameplates and birthdates of each grand, and great-grandchild. It was so meaningful to have such a special family heirloom there and the guests really enjoyed hearing about our family traditions.  Plus, it served as a great place for guests to put gifts and cards!


We were able to keep the party within budget by using things we already owned (linens, vases, drink dispensers, and our old baby items), asking to borrow a couple of items (tables, patio furniture, quilts), and then making much of it ourselves (tissue paper pom-poms, chalkboards, etc.). I'd suggest incorporating things that hold significance to the parents--whether that be your favorite colors, foods you enjoy, or old baby things (like we did).

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Sunday 4th of December 2016

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