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Gage’s Calm and Serene Nursery


My thought of a nursery was always a place that was calm and serene for our little boy.  We went with light, airy colors and stayed away from a "theme."

Design Inspiration

Our inspiration was the bedding.  I fell in love with the soft colors and clouds.

Decorating Style

I don't know what my style really is...we rent our home and this was the first time I got to design a room from head to toe.

Project Details

Star and Beach Canvases: Handmade by my Husband's Aunt, but they were inspired from RH Baby&Child

Favorite Items

Probably the rocker because it is just so darn beautiful, but I love the sentiment of the art pieces my husband's aunt made.  They are beautiful and better than what we would have purchased at the store.


Find pieces that you love and don't feel that you need to get it all from the same place to match.  Just take your time and it will all come together in the end.

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  1. avatar Kelsi Wilder says:

    I love this crib! Do you know the make and model?

  2. avatar Michelle w says:

    Hi there!
    I love the crib! Do you remember the make and model??

  3. avatar Lisa says:

    Hi! I’m in searching for a sheep rocker like you have.. Can you tell me where you got it and your bedding! Thanks!! Beautiful nursery!

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  5. avatar Lisa says:

    Love your nursery. So sweet and timeless. I’m looking at getting your rocking chair and I know you listed it as your favorite item because of its style (which I agree) but I was wondering if you could let me know if you think it’s comfortable and if so how much. Thanks!!

  6. avatar Liz Daley Rich says:

    What a peaceful and beachy little nursery you have made for Gage. I’m glad you got a comfy and beautiful rocker…you’ll spend more time there than you ever have any other chair. It’s all so lovely! Way to go, momma!

  7. avatar PamGinocchio says:

    I have to agree, those beach inspired art pieces above the changer are so sweet. I love how everything has a place. Nice job!

  8. avatar Jan says:

    Such a sweet and calming nursery! Love the art work that Auntie made….they are better than the ones at RHB.