Funky Fresh – Toddler / Big Girl Bedroom

  • Funky Fresh - Toddler / Big Girl Bedroom

    Toddler bedoom with room to grow

  • Splurge: These curtains from Anthropologie brought in some sophistication in the fabric and fun in their pompom detial

  • She loves these bean bags chairs that are just her size and light enough for her to pick up and move around

  • Toddler Big Girl Bedroom

    Two beds for future sleepoveres

  • DIY Wall Art: Custom and personalized framed art made by the owner's little girl and her cousin

  • Framed art made by the owner's little girl and her cousin

  • A side table big enough for lighting, books and tea for two

  • Tea for two

  • Decor pillows that are fun for a two year old or ten year old

  • Decor pillows that are fun for a two year old or ten year old

  • Must-have book storage

  • This little girl's favorite part of her new room - books!

  • Toddler room with room to grow

  • Toddler room with room to grow

  • All buttoned up! This DIY dresser makeover by my Atlanta client has so much personality. Styled with golden brass knobs I found at Target

  • All buttoned up! This DIY dresser makeover by my Atlanta client has so much personality. Styled with golden brass knobs I found at Target

  • DIY Hooks: vintage bird hooks + metalic gold spray paint

  • DIY Hooks: vintage bird hooks + metalic gold spray paint

  • Toddler room with room to grow



My client moved into their new home in the Decatur, Georgia area and wanted to two something special for their daughter's room when she transitioned from a crib to a twin bed. The new room is a great size and has two big windows that let in lots of natural light. The light isn't showing in theses before photos due to a set of temporary paper blinds that remained down most of the time to keep it cool during the day and dark at night time to sleep. Also going for it, the room had a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling; a playful pendant lighting; an old dresser for refinishing; two twin mattresses stacked on the floor; and beautiful hardwood floors. And that was about it, the rest would be purchased on their lean $1,000 budget.

Mom, client, had been pinning inspiration even before she moved into their new home and already had a pretty good idea of what color scheme and style of room she wanted to create for her daughter’s new bedroom. We worked through the YouthfulNest online design process for the initial phases of project which included a Style Board. The overall look was modern, clean and preppy with lots layering of pattern.

Then we were just about ready to start purchasing product it was decided that adding a second twin bed was best for visits by her cousins and future BFF sleepovers. While the additional cost would be as minimal as it could be since we had already determined that I would refinishing an IKEA bed frame, it doubled more than just the frame. So we are talking costs of everything from bed frame, upholstery fabric, DIY supplies sheets, duvet, decor pillows, etc. So when I spotted some bedding on super sale from the Serena & Lily that wasn't quite in line with the preppy style we had determined I introduced the ideas of mixing things up a little. I showed her some looks that brought in additional fresh colors like fresh grapefruit, tangerine and yellow. It turned out the other budget friendly brands we were shopping like Target had the perfect decor and furniture compliments  to this look which was shifting from straight laced and preppy look to a funky fresh vibe.

After an additional version of the style board and overhauling our product selection to work with the discounted bedding we were finally digging this new look and revised Style Board.

After additional versions of the style boards and product overhauling our product selecting to work with the discounted bedding we were digging this new look and revised Style Board. This stylish mom who works for Carter’s, is in the know of what’s stylish and trending for kids and while she trusted my ability to pull a look together I could tell she was just a little hesitant how all the items would come together. In order to put her at ease I created a special 2D rendering that showed more precisely the elements layered together giving a more accurate perspective of how the room would look.

We knew from the beginning that with a limited budget we would need to shopping super smart hitting sales and avoiding any shipping costs. We also were excited to take on some fun and personal DIY projects:

First, we have the gray dresser that the clients already owned. We decided to go dark navy with brassy-gold knobs to bring in the rich color and weigh down the wall opposite the beds and all that going on there.

While this refinishing tried the homeowners patience a little more than it should have due some bad paint and the weather down in Hotlanta – the final look was stunning.

Reno Cost: $90
Paint & Supplies $50
Knobs $40

Second, there are so many great options for affordable wall art, but when it comes to children’s rooms I love to incorporate something super personal like art they made. In this case we needed something colorful and we needed our master painters to lend their talents so these cousins got to it.

Total Cost: $76
Two Frames $64
Paint & Supplies 8
Gold Metallic Marker $4

Third, We knew from the get-go that we wanted to create a custom upholstered bed frame in order to get the exact look we wanted and save a chunk of change. My sis picked up a couple IKEA bed frames and I found this amazing quality cotton canvas from Serena & Lily for over 70% off per yard!!!

Total Cost One Bed: $130
Twin bed frame $70
Fabric $25
Batting $25
Paint & Staple Gun Supplies $10

Lastly, sometimes it's those simplest details that are hard to nail find. In this room it was the hooks to place near the door and next to the dresser. Either what I loved was too expensive for our budget or no longer available or I couldn't find enough pieces. I was walking around one of my favorite shopping events in Omaha, Junkstock, and when my son asked to play with the big yellow Tonka trunks I gave him five minutes and poked around the vendors booth. They had a couple dozen of these heavy duty iron woodpeckers. Now I'm not sure their actually use, maybe just cool wall decor? I could envision them with a coat of spray paint and immediately texted  my client to see if she was on board. She was and apparently my niece who loved birds had a woodpecker she heard outside her bedroom. Perfect!

Total Cost 5 Hooks: $30
Spray Paint $5
5 Bird Hooks $25

So because we selected products with such killer pricing and turned out some amazing DIY piece we were able to pull in some higher-end decor items from brands like Pottery Barn Teen, The Land of Nod and Anthropologie. Mixing high and low brands so you are non the wiser is something of an art and usually the hardest thing for homeowners to envision and accomplish.

For full room details including Before & Afters, DIY projects, videos and to hear from our client click over to our Push-Pin blog.

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