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Forest Inspired Nursery


We wanted to create a room that was what we would've liked as a kid.  The original idea was to make the room feel like it was a forest glade, but we didn't have time to paint that detailed a mural and so much of the walls are window that it wouldn't really have worked. We settled on three season trees: Summer, Spring and Autumn (I hate winter) and proceeded to populate with creatures - some by us, some by our friends. We also added some metal elements (like the clock and curtain rods) to give it a Narnia feel.

Design Inspiration

Mostly nature with a little fantasy and general nerdiness thrown in.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Painting: We used non-VOC wall paint to do the background colors of sky (roller) and dirt (brush and sponge) first and then added the trees in acrylic paint. We didn't want to spend forever painting individual leaves or blades of grass so used a sponge for the leaves and cut up a foam brush to create the grass.

Shelves: My husband used scrap wood to cut shelves that would seamlessly fit with the trunks and branches and could be painted to match.  I especially love the swing shelf on the Autumn Tree.

Crib: Stokke from craigslist. I like that it is on wheels and can fit through doors so the baby can start in our room then move in his bed to his own room.

Changing pad: Keekaroo Peanut Changer which I like because there are no linens to deal with, also it is heavy and deep enough that we didn't need to put a rail around the dresser (we didn't feel a changing table was necessary.)

Pillow on Chair: Give it a Sly pillow, perfect for lower back support and fits room theme.

Stool: From Etsy, great for breast feeding and not destroying your back and later as a step stool for the little one. I loved how this one was painted, although I'm a bit worried it might be too tall.

Foof Chair (from craigslist): Seems like it will be perfect for story time, as a "mountain" for kids to climb and later as a chair for an older kid.

Favorite Items

Our friends gave us some amazing art: Hot Air Balloon is by Joanna Walker, Blue Knit Monster is by Jennifer Court, Bird & Dragon Mobile by Sarah Gallant Breeden, Sunflowers by Victoria Tunkel, and baby quilt by Patti Lightstone.


Invite artistic friends to help, people love making things for babies and it is really nice to have the whole community add love to your babies room.