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Felt Floral Baby Girl Shower


My long distance best friend of 10 years is pregnant with her first child. When she found out it was a girl, I was over the moon with excitement and couldn't wait to plan the shower of her dreams! Being my best friend I tend to help her in decorating your house as well, so for her shower I wanted to come up with a theme in which she could keep the majority of the decorations and incorporate into the nursery. Real flowers of course are stunning but not something she could re-utilize, so I created all of these gorgeous felt flowers with intentions of using in her nursery. I made a large arrangement for the diaper cake so she could add to throw pillows, creating a 3D effect. They are beautiful on the pillows!! I made the tapestry behind the cake table so she could hang as a focal point in the room. She was able to utilize all of the frames, hand painted globe, and frame the digital floral artwork as well. The whole shower was perfect and exactly what she was dreaming of!


Monday 25th of April 2016

Can you share how you made these beautiful flowers? LOVE THEM! :)