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Farmhouse Nursery


I am 32 weeks pregnant with a 17 month first thought was "no way am I going to spend a ton of time preparing a nursery!" But then, walking down the aisles of Hobby Lobby, a sweet vision came to my mind! A lot of their farmhouse decor was on clearance, so I started loading up my basket with the hopes my vision would soon come together. Our work was cut out for us since we needed to convert my messy office/craft room into a nursery, but Mama was in nesting phase and was certain we could accomplish anything!

I knew I wanted an accent wall behind the crib so I started my handy work researching on Pinterest. Viola! Brick accent wall! Got the tutorial and got to work with my amazing husband's assistance of course! I was obsessed with the final product and immediately wanted to brick the entire house!! I knew I also wanted to add some farmhouse touches to the window. So we made a tin window awning to go above the window and replaced the blinds with bamboo shades! Oh so lovely! Now for the paint color...I wanted to keep the paint neutral like the rest of our house, so I went with Benjamin Moore Simply White. Painting is my forte, the opposite of course for my husband but we got it done!

Now to add the decor! The best part! I got the changing table from my mother in law and with her blessing, painted it with rustoleum aged gray chalk paint and added handles from Hobby Lobby. Love how it turned out! I knew I wanted some storage for above the changing table but wanted it to be cute and also easy to use. We purchased the wall baskets from At Home. We used an easy tutorial on the barn shutters which perfectly completes the look I was going for. I struggled with what rug I wanted, but decided to go with the cowhide because I love cowhide and the different pattern fit in quite well to really complete the room, and bonus it was on sale at Hobby Lobby!

We absolutely love how it turned out and hope you enjoy the tour into our sweet boy's nursery!

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  1. avatar Liz says:

    How did you do the brick wall??

  2. avatar Lisa says:

    Where did you get the sign ill love you till the cows come home

  3. avatar Mary Lavoie says:

    Hey everyone, I see that you are looking for the brick wallpaper used in this nursery. I found this brick color at Home Depot. The color is neutral. I wish I could post a picture of my brick wall. Its beautiful! Also I just paid someone come put it up for me. It was a lot easier!

    Let me get the link for you.

  4. avatar Markie says:

    I would really like to know where you got the brink from or what color it is called. Can’t find anything like it!

  5. avatar MANDY says:

    Where did you get the cow hide rug? And the ladder for blankets?

  6. avatar Sarah says:

    can you please tell us where the tutorial for this brick wall is!!!

  7. avatar Amanda says:

    This is beautiful! I love the design and the accent wall! I would love to know where you found that brick and is it a wall paper?

  8. avatar Becky says:

    I LOVE your brick accent wall! Is there a tutorial you followed?

  9. avatar Julianne says:

    Where did you find the bricks?! :)!! Love the color.

  10. avatar Sam says:

    Would love to know how you did the brick wall?

  11. avatar Rachael Johnson says:

    I love that white, but did you use it on the trim or what is the trim color?

  12. avatar Laura says:

    Hi! Love this room! Can you share the tutorial you used for the brick wall?

  13. avatar Lindsay says:

    can you send me the tutorial y’all used for the brick wall?

  14. avatar Jenni says:

    What type of bricks did you use? What I find for my wall is costing a fortune. Any help is appreciated.

  15. avatar Ali says:

    Love this nursery! Where did you find the letters over the crib?