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Farida’s Peach and Mint Nursery


I'm an interior designer so naturally I started designing my baby's nursery ever since I found out I was pregnant, I was researching ideas all day and trying to track down items that I had seen online and liked. The thing that took the majority of time and effort was the mural decal wall. It was labour intensive and I had to work on it with my two sisters and their friend (they did all the work really).

The room was "done" in loose terms when Farida arrived in all her glory and all of the little items, photos, frames, etc were all added in very recently right before her 1st birthday and the room is finally picture worthy, at least to me and I'd love to share it with you

Design Inspiration

I drew inspiration from a nursery I saw online that had the same decal wall work, it was breath taking and that was my starting point and was what set the tone for the rest of the nursery

Decorating Style

I have a very eclectic style; modern meets rustic meets edgy meets traditional meets international meets ethnic if you can call that "a" style?

Project Details

The triangles wall decals are from Walls by Mur

All of the furniture pieces are from IKEA except for the bed which is from Mamas and Papas

The knobs on the armoire are from Anthropologie

The handles on the dresser were ordered from Shop Rethink on Etsy

The Cloud Pillow is from Kokoko Shop on Etsy

The Clock is from Decoy Lab on Etsy

The baby mobile is from Hingmade also on Etsy

The gold metallic poof is from morocco and it was ordered from Etsy as well from this Maison Marrakech

Favorite Items

My favourite item is the little crown on the shelf in her book case that I made myself for her "first tooth" celebration which is a Palestinian costume


If you are doing most of the design work yourself or with your partner make sure you start early on and ask for help, it's hard to go around looking for nursery furniture if you are 8 months pregnant


Saturday 1st of August 2015

Hi, Yes it was from Ikea but it was laminated with fake wood veneer we had it speay painted in a shop. I honestly dont remember the name of the cubby and it isnt on ikea's website anymore, we got it 1.5-2 years before


Thursday 30th of July 2015

Is the cubby shelf with hooks over the change table also from ikea? What is it called? I love the idea but can't find it online. Thanks!