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Evie’s Rustic Glam Nursery


I wanted something slightly girly with not too much pink for my baby girl's room.  This room used to be our "office" and the walls were already painted this color.  I worked around the wall color to avoid painting again and it turned out just as I had hoped.  This room is pretty small and her closet is on the tiny side as well.  We knew we would need some additional storage, so we decided to add the floating shelves.  The baskets store things like bibs, socks, shoes and extra blankets.  I did a lot of planning for my boys' nursery , so I had to give her room just as much love and thought.  It's such a calm, relaxing space and I hope it grows with her.

I linked all of the products I could (on a mobile device - scroll all the way down, past the comments for the links; on a desktop, links are to the right of the photos).  Here are details on the rest:

  • Hairpin Table - found at At Home but replaced the top with a wooden circle from Lowe's and stained with Minwax Special Walnut (this same stain was used in all other projects in the nursery too)
  • Dresser Knobs - Hobby Lobby spray painted gold
  • Name String Art - hand lettered by me and made using this tutorial
  • Other Artwork - made by me.  Floral artwork made using these vector images.
  • Lumbar Pillow and Boppy Cover - made by me and my mom using this fabric
  • Blanket - made by a friend
  • Quilt - made by my grandma using this tutorial
  • Footstool - made by me using this tutorial
  • Banners over mirror and above crib - made by me using paint chips and twine
  • Changing Pad Cover and Crib Skirt - made by my mom using a sheet from Walmart

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  1. avatar Madi says:

    I was just wondering about how much did this whole nursery cost you?

  2. avatar Lacey says:

    Love it all! A challenge for us has been trying to make the nursery girly without it looking like it barfed pink, you nailed! Might try to be brace and make a name sign!

  3. avatar Rachel says:

    I love the room you did a great job! Could you tell me the brand and color of the chair? The link says the product is unavailable at target and doesn’t give any details. I was going to look around and see if I could find it elsewhere.

  4. avatar Amanda says:

    Hi there!
    Loving the name board and have the first steps all complete!
    Did you use the brads and Brad nailer suggested in the tutorial or did you hand nail them?!

  5. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi Samantha! Yes, these shelves are 43 1/4″ long. Thank you for your kind words! Good luck putting together your daughter’s room!

  6. avatar Samantha says:

    Hi there ! Was wondering if these are the 43 1/4″ long shelves from Ikea. It’s all put together so nicely, you did a beautiful job. I plan to do something similar for my daughters room as they have baskets and frames and all kinds of beautiful things with no practical place to put them!!! 43″ is pretty long! I can’t seem to find shorter ones than that though !

  7. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi Sophia! Thank you so much for your kind words. The framed quote is something I made. I bought the hand lettered quote on etsy (here’s the link as I think the original one I posted is not working I just stapled the quote that I printed on cardstock to some stained pieces of wood and hung using twine. It was really simple to do.

  8. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi Chelsey! The crib is from Walmart. The direct link is included.

  9. avatar Sophia says:

    This nursery is so lovely and you have such a gift! Can you tell me where you got the wood framed paper (no idea how to describe it, but it’s the 2nd slide, with the quote)? I’d love to get one to write my own quote. Your handwriting is beautiful!

  10. avatar Chelsey Julius says:

    Where is the crib from?

  11. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi everyone! Larissa and Kristen, the lamp is from Target. Lauren the crib is from Walmart. Please note that I have linked all of these items. If you are on a mobile device, please scroll past all of the comments all the way to the bottom for the links. If you are on a desktop the links are to the right of the photos. :) Thanks for all the love!

  12. avatar Kristen Lombardo says:

    Love! Where is the lamp from?

  13. avatar Lauren says:

    can you tell me what crib this is?? I love it!

  14. avatar Larissa says:

    I’m thinking of doing a gold accent as well, where did you find your floor lamp? Thanks!

  15. avatar Allison says:

    Well bravo girl, you did ahhhmazing, and thank you Kristen for your speedy response!!! Oh, and congrats,on your sweet girl!! Xx

  16. avatar babyk311 says:

    Thanks, Allison! Such sweet words! I free handed her name on large sheets of paper with pencil (with lots of erasing and re-drawing). I had an idea of how I wanted it to look and just kept at it until it was what I wanted. I’ve never taken any classes, just used inspiration from various letterers. My favorite letterer/calligrapher is ‘a fabulous fete’. Her work is gorgeous.

  17. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi Rachel! As I mentioned above, my mom made the crib skirt out of a bed sheet we found at Walmart. I cannot find that sheet online.

  18. avatar Allison says:

    Hi there!! I was wondering if you free handed the ‘hand lettering’, if so did you take classes or any suggestions on that, and if not what did you use? A specific software, font, etc? Beautiful room, love how you brought natural elements into the room with the wood, baskets, and metal!! So we’ll done!! Thanks girl!!

  19. avatar rachel says:

    Where is the crib skirt from?

  20. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi Jennifer! Yes, those two baskets are from At Home also. I cannot find them online and haven’t seen them in store lately either. I love them as well and wanted some more, but can no longer find them. :( They do have some different shaped ones that are similar. Search ‘Lampakanay’ on their website. Hopefully those will fit your space. :)

  21. avatar Jennifer says:

    Are the 2 square baskets on the second shelf from At Home as well? I love those but did not see a link for them!

  22. avatar babyk311 says:

    Thank you, Bethany! The IKEA shelves are very sturdy, but we have them each screwed directly into 3 studs. They definitely would not hold if a small child tried climbing on them or continuously pulling on them. The nice thing about the brackets for these shelves is that is allows you the space to screw directly in to the stud no matter what. :)

  23. avatar bethany says:

    Hi! This nursery is adorable! We did floating shelves from Target in my daughter’s nursery and she pulled them down as soon as she was able to stand. I’m planning my son’s room now and wondering if these shelves are sturdier??

  24. avatar babyk311 says:

    Hi Rebecca! I got the mirror from Home Goods. I bought it several years ago with nothing to do with it, so it sat in storage. It ended up working perfectly for this room. :) Sorry I don’t have a direct link.

  25. avatar Rebecca says:

    Did I miss where you got the gold mirror? I love it

  26. avatar Kristen says:

    Such sweet words! Thanks, Jodi. The dresser is ok. I love the way it looks but the drawers don’t glide very well. Otherwise it works well for this space.

    Eileen, the shelves are from Ikea. Not sure on the spacing, maybe around 18-20 inches. We just eyeballed it. The link for the shelves is posted (on Pinterest scroll down past the comments)

    Laura, the glider is from Target. See the link all the way down past the comments. ?

  27. avatar Laura says:

    Where did you get the glider?

  28. avatar Jodi says:

    Absolutely DREAMY! Love all the sweet little details… especially the pallet wood string art and the side table with modifications. This is exactly what I would want in a girl nursery!!!

    Just wondering if you like your dresser? I’m thinking about buying the same one and would love to know if you are happy with yours… thanks again for the inspiring room. Very pin worthy!!!!!

  29. avatar Eileen says:

    Where are the floating shelves from? How much space did you leave between each shelf?

  30. avatar Joelle says:

    Thank you! Sorry, I totally overlooked those links!

  31. avatar Kristen says:

    Hi Joelle! It’s Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. See the source link to the right of the photos :)

  32. avatar Joelle says:

    Do you know the name of the paint color?