Eric’s Bright and Cheerful Multi-Cultural Nursery – On a Budget

  • Bright and Cheerful Multi-Cultural Nursery
  • The armchair was also bought second-hand for a bargain (just $20!) and it works great in the nursery.

  • I love the bunting banners! They are hand made and the colors really bring life to the nursery

  • I also bought the crib second-hand and it was a bargain for such good quality. It's nice and modern and will turn into a toddler bed once Eric is ready for it.

  • I love this mobile. It was really inexpensive but it's cute and colorful, just like I wanted. And Eric loves it!

  • Brazilian legends were part of my childhood and it is important to me that they are also part of Eric's.

  • 7/11
  • Eric will grow up bilingual, so I painted this bilingual alphabet (German and Portuguese) for the nursery. It turned out great and it's my favorite piece in the room.

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  • 10/11
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I'm not a fan of things too boyish or too girly, so while designing the nursery for our first son Eric I tried to be as neutral as possible, but also to create a fun evironment where he can be creative and bring in his own personality later. It's a simple design, no frills but made with lots of love (and color)!

Eric will grow up in a multi-cultural environment (dad is Slovak-Swiss, I'm Brazilian) and it was important to me that parts of our culture were embeded in the design too. I painted the cute illustrations above the crib myself, which represent characters from Brazilian mythology (the Yara, the Saci, the Cuca and the Curupira). The biligual alphabet by the armchair is also my creation which will hopefully come in handy when Eric learns how to write and read in German and Portuguese.

Finally, we managed to purchase many things second-hand and in very good condition, so I'm pleased to say that this project cost a whole lot less than one would think. :) A wonderfully rewarding project made with love.


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    Love how you tought of every detail and how you merged both cultures. Plus you did great with a low budget and created a clean peacefull nursery!

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