Elodie’s Modern Nursery

  • Gray Modern Girl Nursery Room View
  • Gray Modern Girl Nursery Changer
  • Gray Modern Girl Nursery Dresser
  • Gray Modern Girl Nursery Crib
  • Gray Modern Girl Nursery Closet Area


Elodie's Modern Nursery!

Design Inspiration

We have a pretty tight space for Elodie's room, so I wanted to keep it as streamlined as possible.  I love mid-century modern and wanted it to be a room she could grow in to.

Project Details

So, It all started with the crib!  I found an awesome deal on The Oeuf Classic on Craigs List!  I scored this beauty for $200!  I knew I was looking for a modern crib and was thrilled when I found it!  The mobile was an inspiration from pinterest.  I ended up purchasing a second one, because I loved it so much :)

I knew I wanted to do something with her name on the wall and found an awesome etsy store, that had really unique fonts.  I was so excited when sthey arrived!  We actually used them in our maternity pictures before they hit the wall!  The accent flowers are from good ol' Bed Bath & Beyond.

Curtains, Dressers, Chair all from IKEA.  And, other decor items purchased from TJ MAXX & Target!


Favorite Items

My favorite item has yet to arrive, lol!  It is a faux fur white ottoman that is on back order!  I can't wait for it to get here!

I also love the dachshund lamp, as a weiner-dog owner...it continuously brings a smile to my face!





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    The link for the accent flowers on the wall is broken. Do you know what they’re called so I can try to search for them on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website? Thanks!

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    i LOVE the baskets on the inside of the closet door. Where did you find those? Looking to get these for my new arrival.

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    My daughter’s name is Elodie too! Did you name her after another Elodie? There are so few in the USA.

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    Hi ladies! sorry for the delayed response! The baskets on the inside of the door are from Ikea. They sell the bars and baskets in the kitchen section. It was less than $15 for the whole project and I made the bow board! We have been using those baskets non-stop since Elodie was born!

    Elodie is so rare in the US! I fell in love with it back in French class in college! My husband loved it as well, we definitely get a lot of questions about her name! Most people love it though! How about you? How did you land on Elodie?

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