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Elle’s Kate Spade-Inspired Nursery


Years ago, before I was pregnant, I came across a nursery on Pinterest that I fell in love with, and pinned to a hidden "Baby Girl Nursery" board, knowing that if I was lucky enough to have a little girl some day I would use that photo as inspiration. The room had a black & white striped focal wall with big paper flowers, and was full of dainty gold and pink accents. When I found out I was pregnant in early 2017, I got my wish of having a daughter, and that's when I revisited the image I'd pinned on Pinterest all that time ago. My husband and I quickly got to work clearing out our guest room to make room for our baby girl, whom we decided to name Elisabeth "Elle" Rose. I knew I wanted the room to have that same modern, yet feminine feel that was conjured in the online image, and I spent almost my entire pregnancy collecting the perfect items for our daughter's room. The end result was better than I could have dreamed – it was light, modern, feminine, and had lots of personal touches. My two favorite pieces are the custom wall art with the lyrics to Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young' that hangs above the glider and the gold and glass geometric box that houses Elle's hairbows, which was first used as the card box at our wedding. When our room was just about done, I pulled the image back up on Pinterest to compare the two, and wouldn't you know, on a tiny little side table - that you had to zoom in on to see - was a gold "E." More than ever I believe that the design of my Elle's room was fate!

My advice for parents-to-be is the same I have for anyone designing a room from scratch - go slow, do your homework, and choose items that speak to you. We didn't have a "theme" for Elle's nurrsery, but instead, allowed it to evolve organically around a bold color palette and some stand-out items that can grow with her for years to come.


Monday 5th of March 2018

Hi! We painted the stripes, but I have seen strips of color that can be used to replicate this idea.


Monday 5th of March 2018

I love your nursery and Kate Spade!!! Did you use a black/white strip wallpaper? I didn’t see it listed in the resources. TIA