Dreamy Swan Nursery

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Some may see a concrete wall as a design limitation, but that was quite the opposite for me when designing this sweet nursery! I was instantly drawn to the raw finish and knew it needed something plush, light and textural to soften the space — the Fiona Walker England swan felt head did just the trick! We introduced other various textural elements, like a scalloped wool rug layered with a plush sheepskin, black-out curtain panels, a distressed velvet ottoman and a large woven basket. We also brought in some beautiful and dainty flower decals to add to the rooms’ peachy-pink colour story. Since the nursery didn’t have a wired ceiling light, we needed to incorporate multiple sources of lighting so opted for a gorgeous brass floor lamp and decorative table lamp, perfect for late night feeds and cuddles. This peachy nursery is just the sweetest… complete with a touch of timeless elegance and grace.

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