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Donut Grow Up First Birthday!


Donut grow up so fast, Adair! 

For Adair's first birthday I wanted to something extra "sweet" and who doesn't love donuts?! The best thing I did was have someone to take pictures for us. The day flew by and I took only two pictures myself! Being born in October, I wanted to incorporate pumpkins into her decor. The donut painted pumpkins were my favorite part of her decor.

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  1. avatar Morgan B says:

    Any chance you’d be willing to sell that banner?! Or let me “rent it”?!? I love it!!

  2. avatar Rebecca says:

    I love this! Where did you buy the pink banner?

  3. avatar Maggie says:

    Where did you get the “treat yourself” sign? Adorable!!!

  4. avatar Diva says:

    Hi there! The cake was made by someone else. They were mini doughnuts that she frosted to attach to the cake.

  5. What kind and what flavor of donuts did you use? How did you stick them on the cake?

  6. avatar sophiawatson says:

    I want post on your site share your price
    contact me

  7. avatar Megan says:

    Diva I sent you a Facebook message :-)

  8. avatar Diva Morgan Hicks says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I purchased the bubble from a store in Atlanta and had someone embroider it. If you find me on Facebook (Diva Hicks), I can give you all of the details and connect you with the person who did it for me.

  9. avatar Jessica says:

    I love this theme!!! This is what we have planned for our daughter in two weeks. I still haven’t found anything for her to wear, I love the little jumper your daughter has on! Where did you get it??

  10. avatar Diva says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comment! I purchased the letters from TJ Maxx Homegoods. I punched holes to make the banner and used washi tape from Michael’s to create the sprinkles.

  11. avatar Ebony Triplett says:

    Hi, I’m throwing a sprinkles party for my daughter’s first birthday. I love your idea of the sweet one banner. Can you tell me how I can make my own or purchase one from you?

    Hope to hear from you soon!