DIY Twins Nursery

  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Monogrammed Wall
  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Monogrammed Wall
  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Framed Photo
  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Wall Art
  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Wall Art
  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Crib Quilt
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  • Boy Twins Shared Nursery Room View


A fun nursery for my twin boys filled with DIY projects including the bedding, rug, curtains, dresser, and wall decor. I've been dying to decorate a nursery for a long time and finally got the chance, so I went to town with the projects!

Design Inspiration

Decorating Style

Simple, classy, fun

Project Details

Stuffed Elephant- Buy Buy Baby

White frames- Hobby Lobby

Lamp and Mirror- Home goods


Rug (before painting)- Ikea

Glider- Walmart

Rug Stencil- Cutting Edge Stencils (funky wheel)


Favorite Items

I love the way the painted rug turned out. It was more difficult than I expected, but so worth it. It just adds so much fun into the room!


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    I sewed all the crib bedding myself! I got the black and white chevron and stripe materials from and I got the linen for the crib bumpers from JoAnn’s. Also, most of the fabrics in the quilts are from JoAnn’s.

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    What an amazing nursery for your twins!! Thank you so much for adding my blog as your design inspiration!! It truly means a lot!!!! Enjoy those babies and CONGRATULATIONS!

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    I LOVE the paint color!! Do you remember what it was called? And brand paint you used?

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    Thank you!! I had Home Depot match Restoration Hardware’s Sea Green, but then I darkened it by a substantial amount (I don’t remember the exact percentage), but I uploaded an image of the paint sticker. If you take it into Home Depot, they should be able to duplicate it!

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    Thanks Audrey! You did a beautiful job on your nursery, I can’t wait to get started on mine :)

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    I really love the fonts you used on the wall lettering. Can you tell me the names of the fonts? Thanks!

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    Love the wall decal. Can you share the measurements and fonts used. Want the same for my nursery, just different color.

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    Hi there,
    Would you mind telling me the dimensions for the decals? I love them so much and want to order them for my twins! Also, what font did you use? Thank you so much!

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    I am also wondering about the wall art with their names. I would love to do this for my twins. Do you have sizes?

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