DIY Hobbes stuffed animal with recording of sons fetal heart beat in chest!

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    Wow, I love that there’s a recording of the fetal heartbeat embedded in the stuffed toy. That’s a very unique idea.

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    Thanks. I got the recording device from build a bear factory and brought it to my ultrasound to record it! my son loves it!

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    I love how u made this! Much better then all the other ones I’ve found online. Do u have the dimensions that you used or patterns or something. I would love to make one as well. SO cute. PS I’m also stealing your curtain idea!

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    Thanks! I found a website somewhere after a google search for pattern and found one but you had to pay for it. It showed pictures and I just cut my own free hand. mine sits about 13in tall. I don’t have the pattern anymore…. i wish i would have kept it though!!

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