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Cupcake Baby Sprinkle


My good friend Meaghan and her husband found out last summer that they were expecting their second child, a girl, this February. Three of her close friends (Maylissa, Meghan, and Foullone) and I joined forces as fellow aunties and decided to plan a surprise event for her this time around. We aimed for a small, but meaningful gathering, in which her family and friends could be there for her, her husband (who was in on the surprise), and her son (Check out his Peanut and Elephant Baby Shower in my gallery!) in celebration of a soon-to-be new addition to their growing family.

Design Inspiration

My first suggestion was to do a "sprinkle" (smaller shower) seeing as this was the second child. I came up with the theme of cupcakes to play off of the double meaning of the word "sprinkle" (i.e., sprinkles that decorate cupcakes vs. a sprinkle of water).

Decorating Style

My decorating style is frugally chic. Once I establish the theme and/or color palette, I can make an event look well put-together within a strict budget (a.k.a. "ballin' on a budget" lol).

Project Details

The main driver for our event was cupcakes. I came up with the invitation in Photoshop for the event first (see attached images), which set the color palette of various rainbow colors (like sprinkles). Meaghan is not a huge fan of pink, which is a predominant color for most baby girl showers, so we tried to incorporate other colors in addition to pink. Invitations were sent out via Facebook and e-mail, but they were also printed as a keepsake for Meaghan and her daughter's memory box. Self-adhesive gem (purchased from Michael's) was added by me as a pretty accent to the overall invitation design.

I also designed all of the baby sprinkle games, the Sprinkle of Advice for Parents cards, and the Wishes for Baby cards (see attached images) in Photoshop based on the cupcake image and rainbow color palette. My favorite was the Baby Sprinkle Stuff Game, in which guests listed as much baby stuff as they could that began with each letter of the word "sprinkle." The "Wishes for Baby" cards were a sweet touch and were something that Meaghan and her husband could share with their daughter later on.

The cupcake box (see attached image) for the Sprinkle of Advice for Parents and Wishes for Baby cards was a DIY project by Meghan. She wrapped a shoe box with cupcake wrapping paper that we got from Dollar Tree and used a box cutter to create the hole for guests to insert their cards.

Maylissa and Meghan found the cutest polka-dot cupcake holders and napkins (see attached image) from Party City, which led to polka dots being another driver in our event planning.

What's a sprinkle without literal sprinkles? The pink and lavender gold and funfetti cupcakes (see attached image) were a DIY project made by Maylissa, Meghan, and me. I had so much fun literally "sprinkling" the cupcakes! :)

The adorable cupcake baby sprinkle cake (see attached image) was made by Meaghan's friend, Linda, of Kizel's Cakes. The polka dot sprinkles on the cake matched our theme, napkins, and cupcake holders perfectly! Everyone, especially Meaghan, fell in love with the teddy bear on top of the cake.

Maylissa, Meghan, Foullone, and I got the various pastel colored tablecloths, pastel and cupcake napkins (see attached images), plates, and utensils from random dollar stores. The pastel "Baby Shower" banner came from Dollar Tree and was a nice touch to the gift table. We didn't end up using the pink umbrella tissue garland (see attached image) from Dollar Tree as we couldn't really hang much in the restaurant. However, it would've been a funny touch to the event (hence, the term "sprinkle").

The chocolate and gold cake pop favors (see attached images) were a DIY project by Maylissa, Meghan, and me. Thank you, Google and YouTube. Favor cards (see attached image) were designed by me in Photoshop. The cards say "Thanks for sprinkling our little cupcake!" So adorable, right?! Plastic favor bags and lavender and pink ribbon were purchased cheap from Walmart.

A special thanks to Foullone and Foullone's mother for providing the tasty food in addition to the yummy pizza and exceptional service we received from Randolph Bertucci's!

Favorite Items

My three favorite items from the sprinkle are as follows: (1) the super cute invitation since I'm biased as the owner of Invytations, (2) the amazing cupcake cake by Kizel's Cakes, and (3) the cupcake box for the Sprinkle of Advice for Parents and Wishes for Baby cards, which Meaghan now plans to use as a memory box for her daughter.


Lessons learned from this baby sprinkle experience are to start early, dedicate at least 3 days to creating event elements, expect the unexpected, and ensure all ingredients are purchased ahead of time before pursuing a baking endeavor. We had never made cake pops before and had waited til the night before the sprinkle (Coordinating four schedules was tough!) so that was a huge struggle as the first batch did not work since we forgot to buy the right cooking spray. FYI, greasing the cake pop tray with oil did not work. They came out great once we purchased the right spray! I would also highly recommend getting more than one cake pop tray if budget permits. It was definitely time consuming waiting on one tray.

We were unable to create the centerpieces as we ran out of time (and sleep!), but they would have been the cupcake candles in a bed of rainbow sprinkles in glass fishbowls all purchased from Dollar Tree (see attached image).

Another cute idea we originally planned for was to have guests sign a cupcake themed onesie (see attached image) as the "guest book," but we did not end up incorporating that into the sprinkle also due to lack of time.

Custom invitation and game designs require ample time for conceptualizing, designing, printing, and cutting. This can get pricey, but my advice is if you have a graphic designer in or near your circle, make sure you become his/her best friend! :)

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