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Construction Themed 2nd Birthday


Easton James is Turing 2, Come & Join His Construction Crew!

Design Inspiration

My son was turning two and I wanted a word that rhymed with 2...and came up with crew.  Then the construction crew idea came to me.  Hense the whole construction theme.  You name it we had it...All things "CONSTRUCTION"...Dump trucks, construction helmets, pylons, caution tape, etc.

Decorating Style

Creative, fun, streamlined. I really like to focus on the little touches, things most people wouldn't think of.

Project Details

I loved working with KMThomas Designs from Esty, she did all my stationary. JennyBSweet played another big part of the day with all the cnstruction themed goodies and sweets.  Eleanor Bathe of Bathe Photography, was phenomenal.

Favorite Items

The indoor sandbox was a HUGE hit and the excavator.


Stay focused on your theme. Try to think of the little touches, things that people will walk away from your party thinking "WOW".  Most importantly have FUN!!!

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  3. avatar Julie D'Alessio says:

    Id love more pictures of the party also. Indoor sandbox sounds fun.

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  7. avatar Jamie Forbes says:

    Can you please email me pictures from this party? Thanks!

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  10. avatar Jacqueline Rought says:

    I never actually did this for my son’s birthday party but you can usually find the cheaper plastic ones at a dollar store.

  11. avatar Tiffany says:

    Where did you purchase the dumptrucks for the food table??

  12. avatar Ashley Lee says:

    Hi there!! Would you mind sending me pics of your construction theme party?!

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  16. avatar Amanda says:

    I am doing my son’s one year birthday party as construction! Where did you get the printable signs for like the food and the signs around the table?? Love you ideas!!

  17. avatar Janine Burk says:

    Jacqueline I got them from Toysrus in Canada they came in a set of two

  18. avatar Jacqueline Rought says:

    I’m curious where you bought the dump trucks for your pretzels.

  19. avatar Janine Burk says:

    Hello Heather ☺️ Thanks for your question. I purcashed the items from party city and oriential trading.

  20. avatar Heather says:

    Hello, where did you get all the cute stuff for the favors?

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  22. avatar Sue says:

    Please email me some more pics I love this and would love to do this for my son’s 2nd bday! thank you

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  24. avatar Christine says:

    Hi there,

    I would love the recipe for the marshmallow pops! I am assuming you just dipped them in melted color white chocolates. Thanks so much!


  25. avatar Vanessa L'Hirondelle says:

    Any chance I could see more pics too? I LOVE this!!!! How did the indoor sandbox go?

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  28. avatar Aladdin Sane says:

    Look at those cake pops! I think I may not have ever seen anything so cute. You could do some cute cupcake printables along with these:

  29. avatar emily says:

    My sons name is also Easton James and we are having a construction theme party for his 2nd birthday! How cool!

  30. avatar Christine says:

    I would love to see more pictures! Love this! thanks!

  31. avatar Donna says:

    Could you please email me the pictures. I want to do this for my daughter’s baby shower. I can’t open up the pics for some reason. Thank you,

  32. avatar Lisandra23 says:

    Hi Mrs. Lewis did you ever get your email? Just curious.

  33. avatar Lisandra23 says:

    Hi can you please email me more pictures for some reason I am unable to view the picture you have on this site. My son’s 3rd birthday is in January and I want to do this theme….I LOVE IT!!! I know he will to Thank you in advance

  34. Can you please email me additional pictures… so cute

  35. avatar chastity says:

    hello, could you please e mail me more photos of the party as well? thank you soo much!!

  36. avatar Annette says:

    How did you make the construction hat cake pops? They are really cute!

  37. avatar darrahmccall says:

    My sons name s crew!! His daddy works construction and this will b a perfect birthday idea!!!!

  38. avatar Brandy says:

    OH my gosh, I love it! Wish I had seen this before, have to take not for boys bdays next year!

  39. avatar Janine Burk says:

    Kelly Fail,

    Hello Kelly,

    We live in a small town, so thankfully a local builder donated it for us to use for the day. The children could climb it and sit in the sit and have their picture taken :)

  40. avatar alma says:

    I would love to see more pics, super cute ideass!!! thanks!!!

  41. avatar Kelly Fail says:

    LOVE this!!! What did you do for the excavator?

  42. avatar Jennifer says:

    Please send me more pics. What kinds of activities did you do with the kids?

  43. avatar Kim Chandler says:

    Do you mind emailing me more pictures!?

    Thanks so much!! You did a great job!! Where did you get his shirt at?

  44. avatar Lilli Arnold says:

    I would love to have more pictures to do this for my grandson. Amazing job.

  45. avatar Janine Burk says:

    Hello Ladies,
    Sorry I forget to check this page. I’ve just sent an email to ALL of you with more pictures from the party, those of you who provided me with your email address. Please send me a personal emails if you have any questions… I had the signs made at a local sign shop: They said things like Dig In, Fuel Up, Loads of Fun, Build, Lift, Haul, Dig, Fix. I got a lot of the take home gifts from, just search the website for construction. I also ordered things from, like the construction cone cups, and other items. The take home gifts where: construction rubber duckies, construction lollipops, dump truck sticker sets, hand clappers, pylon drinking cups, blow up hammers, tractor toys…I just filled them with ALL things construction. The CAT dump trucks I used to display food I got from Toysrus. The cakepops where construction hats and pylons. Please do not hesitate to ask anymore questions. I hope you enjoy planning your parties as much as I did! :)

  46. avatar katie says:

    I LOVE this!! My son is about to turn 2 also. Would u mind sending me some pictures as well? Thanks!

  47. avatar Amanda says:

    I dont think i ever received your email with photos of your sons party. It may have gone to my spam folder. Please resend. Thank you sooo much!

  48. avatar Laura says:

    Adorable! I, too am planning my sons 2nd birthday party and this is just perfect! I would love to look at your pictures for inspiration if you wouldn’t mind sharing?
    And did you also get your signs off etsy?

  49. avatar Kim Young says:

    CUTE CUTE CUTE! My husband and I plan on giving my little boy his sandbox this year for his birthday and this theme would go perfectly. Could you send me some pictures for ideas as well?


  50. avatar Betsy Trapani says:

    Hi! My son is turning 2 in Aug. and our theme is Dump Trucks! Anyway you would be willing to share more pictures of the party? I love all the little details! Thanks!

  51. avatar Angie Escobar says:

    Also maybe you can share some more pictures please!! where did u get all the stuff like the trucks n cones I love this idea but might be hard!!

  52. avatar Angie Escobar says:

    I Would Like To Know Where Did You Get All Your Sings Done and What do they All say the ones Hanging off the ceiling!! This is a great idea! Also the pops what r they all! Thank you

  53. avatar Melinda says:

    I’m so excited, as this is exactly the theme we’re doing for my sons next month. I’d LOVE more photos too – and specifically what did you give as favors? Hard to tell :)


  54. avatar Amanda says:

    I would love to see pictures also if you are still willing to share. Thanks! Love it!

  55. avatar Ashley D says:

    Would love to see more pics if you are willing to share! Looks like lots of fun and very cute!

  56. avatar Janine Burk says:


    Just send me your email address and I’d LOVE to share some more pictures with you. :)

  57. avatar April says:

    I LOVE this idea for my son’s birthday! He will also be 2! I would love to see more pictures too! Could you please send me some more?…love this idea! You did an amazing job!

  58. Janine, your boy is so lucky to have you as his Mom. What a creative and wonderful ideas of a fun party! I also like your picture in the field with Easton.

  59. avatar Ashley E. Johnson says:

    p.s – I can’t find the vote link ??!!

  60. avatar Ashley E. Johnson says:

    Great idea Janine – your very talented in planning and design! Easton is a lucky little guy :)

  61. avatar dana says:

    Hi! This is the cutest idea! My son is turning two in august and i would love to do this for him. Can you send me an email with any more ideas or pictures you have that arent shown here?

  62. avatar Janine Burk says:


    Hello Tina of course I can please send me your email address…I’d LOVE to share :)

  63. avatar Tina says:

    Hi I LOVE this idea! I am throwing my son’s 2nd birthday party in September and think I would like to do this. Would you be able to email me some pictures directly?

    Great idea!!!!!!

  64. avatar lisa keys says:

    Love it how fun and how BOY !!!

  65. avatar Ashley says:

    indoor sandbox… your brave :)! Very cute party, I especially like the marshmallow pops!

  66. avatar janineeburk says:

    I have tons of pictures but the site won’t let me download more…we had an indoor sandbox!!!!

  67. avatar Myriem says:

    very unique Idea…..what about some more pictures