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Construction party!


It was really fun putting this Tonka party together. I love to scour places for fun party props. I borrowed real construction signs. There was a Detour sign, and a flagman sign - pretty neat. The coolest prop I got to use was an actual working digger! This was up at my sister & brother-in-law’s house. I was thrilled that they let me use it for my party! The digger served as the perfect construction party backdrop - and held up the “Happy Birthday” sign very nicely!

I created the party table with plastic saw horses from Lowes. {these were SO cool!} The neat part about this table was, I didn’t have to do anything fancy. I added a piece of plywood, and set it on top of the saw horses. I used tool boxes to display the treat bags, hostess cupcakes, along with some pretty cool looking chocolate covered Oreos! The detail on these delicious treats are just amazing!

The favor bags were filled with an assortment of candies, canvas tool pouches, and mini tape measures. I displayed them inside a mini tool box, found at the 99cent only store.

I filled a Tonka dump truck with party hats! The guests had their choice of Tonka themed cone hats, or plastic construction hats where I attached a fun “play zone” sticker. They’re actually t-shirt emblems, but I used them for the hats as well.

To quench the guest’s thirst, I served bottles of gatorade. And the large orange drink dispenser spoke “construction theme” to me! I added fun labels to the gatorade bottles by printing out digital paper from - I also found really great construction themed clip art! I created mini signs for the table that said: “Party Zone”, and “Fueling Station”

And did you see that huge nut & bolt on the table? I had that from a previous party, and used it to hold one of the cupcakes. All the cupcakes were topped with a super cool dump truck topper! For added detail, I set out a roll of Caution tape, and a cool plastic level. The guest table was super fun to put together!

The construction themed table cover was topped with matching napkins, Tonka themed plates, matching Tonka cups, and yellow construction hats. I wrapped utensils inside the napkins, and wrapped with a napkin ring. These were also printed from digital paper. For seating, I set out tool boxes for the guests. They served as super sturdy seating, and continued with the construction theme. I sprinkled construction confetti on the table, and we were ready to party!

The guests also played along with a little construction game. Very similar to pin the tail on the donkey, but all construction themed. I attached the game onto a small poster board, and wrote the names of each guest on the caution cone stickers that were provided.

I had a great time constructing this Tonka themed party!


Project Details


Invites, birthday banner, tshirt emblems, plates, cups, napkins, table cover, treat bags, party hats, and game: hard to find party supplies.

Construction themed digital paper, and clip art:

Yellow construction hats: Oriental trading

Construction themed chocolate covered Oreos: Bella’s Bakery & bowtique

Dumptruck cupcake toppers: Creativities Galore