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Classic Boy Big Kid Room – Transportation


A Caden Lane Classic big boy room... complete with his own car, truck, and airplane decor!

Design Inspiration

A sweet and simple room for my son, that incorporated all the colors of the bedding, but didn't scream "nursery".

Decorating Style

I love color and textile design - that's always where my decorating style (and design for Caden Lane) starts!

Project Details

The walls were painted when I was decorating my son's nursery - a good example of make sure you plan for height once the crib is gone and a big boy bed takes it's place! He loved looking at the cars, trucks, and airplanes painted on the wall - and I still got my monkey fix with the hand-painted wall art.

Favorite Items

The Caden Lane classic big boy bedding from


When painting the walls to create the hill effects, paint the bottom 1/3 of the wall the light green and the top 2/3 of the wall light blue. When the paint is dry, go back with a brush and make the hill pattern over the blue... you might need a 2nd coat to cover the color!

Therese Grebin

Saturday 26th of November 2011

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Tuesday 15th of March 2011

Clean bright and colorful, just how a nursery should be!  I love it! Where'd you buy that monkey wall art?