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Cason’s Hunting and Fishing Nursery


Honestly this was one of the hardest projects I've ever done, and for the most part I'm absolutely loving it. My husband played a very big part in the theme for this room, we spent a lot of time together DIY-ing everything and a lot of bantering back and forth about what should go in the nursery and what shouldn't... aka I had to draw the line at a real deer mount and a few others lol ... I wanted this room to be soft and still feel like a nursery. Trying to keep it from looking like a trophy room was well lets just say interesting haha. The first project we did was the hanging shelf and we actually based that project upon doing a navy and orange color scheme keeping the colors warm... and I just couldn't get my husband on board with the orange... and the navy actually just made the room way too dark. This space is TINY and has a very small window, so the lighting is terrible and after seeing the warm colors it was clear that we needed to go softer... SO if I could... aka If I had the energy... and hope to down the road... I would distress and white wash the hanging shelf to give it a softer "feel" as it's a little too dark for my liking but it'll do for now!

We really saved a ton by DIYing just about everything with the exception of the crib, chair and side table. I hope to find the time and energy to share our DIY's on my blog but we'll see how the next few weeks before baby play out.


Due to individuals using my design and re selling it as their own I will no longer be sharing the measurements for the barn wood back drop. I'm sorry if this has caused an inconvenience but it was not intended to be shared for those purposes

Design Inspiration

My Husband's love for hunting & fishing.

Favorite Items

The pegboard DIY we made for over the changing table

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  1. avatar Kayci says:

    I love everything about this nursery! We have started the process to decorate with your inspiration! What color or stain did you use for the driftwood with his initials?!

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  4. avatar Jordan says:

    Hi there!
    Can you tell me what color stain you used for the initial board? My husband and I are going to try and tackle that project for our baby’s nursery!

  5. avatar Jordan says:

    Anyone find the pouf in this picture and done with it and ready to sell? I’m dying to have it.

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  7. avatar Jennifer says:

    This is precious!! What size are the letters above the crib? If you have a link please send my way.

  8. avatar Lynn Nichols says:

    Could you please share the instructions on making the frame for the pegboard organizer and how to mount?? I love the simplicity of the frame and it would be perfect to compliment my grandson’s dresser that was my dresser as a child. Thank you!!

  9. avatar Kaitlyn says:

    What are the dimentions of the barn wood you used for his initials above the crib? Thank you!

  10. avatar Gina Wilcox says:

    Everything is sourced below the comments

  11. avatar Willy says:

    What color of paint was used for the walls?

  12. avatar Whitney says:

    I have a double shelf kinda like the one on your peg board. I’m wanting to do a pegboard for our nursery and was wondering how you securely attached that one you have? Thanks!:)

  13. avatar Camila says:

    Hii where did y get the baskets for the peg board?

  14. avatar Niki says:

    Can you send me the measurement you used behind the letters! I love it and we are going to do that in our sons nursery!

  15. avatar Carly says:

    Love the wire basket you used for the blocks. Could I ask where you found it? Thanks!

  16. avatar Kendra says:

    Could you tell me how you got all the wood pieces to stay together or how you hug it to the wall or Thebes letters to the wood to make sure it didn’t fall off. was thinking screws and hot glue gun but want to be super safe.

  17. avatar Laura Osina says:

    Could you tell me where you got the letters and how to make the wood piece?!

  18. avatar Kelley says:

    I was curious about your peg board baskets… did you purchase the liners with the baskets or did you have to buy them separately? If seperate, do you remember where? I realize this post is not recent, but it’s the first I’ve seen this idea and I love it lol!

  19. avatar Sylvie says:

    Beautiful nursery. Could you please tell me the measurements of the barn wood back drop behind the galvanized tin letters?

  20. avatar Felisha says:

    Love this nursery!! What color are the walls?

  21. avatar Lindsey M says:

    Could you please send me the “how to” on the wooden pallet you built for the letters:) love the idea!

  22. avatar Angela C says:

    I absolutely love your pillows in the crib…. Did you purchase those And if so, where could I find them?

  23. avatar Victoria says:

    Hi! I love your peg board! We want to do something similar in our son’s nursery. Do you mind telling me where you got the shelf and baskets on the pegboard? I’m having trouble finding things to put on​ it. Thanks!

  24. avatar Krystal says:

    What color wall paint did you use? I love your nursery!!

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  26. avatar Laura says:

    Hi! Love the wall color! What is it?? Thank you!

  27. avatar Micah says:

    How did you secure the pipe shelf flange to the pegboard? Is it just screwedto the pegboard itself or is it screwed into wood/wall behind the board?


  28. avatar Crystal says:

    Hi, I’m late to the party :) Having a boy and modeling his room after yours, it’s perfect! The only thing I have left is the wood above the crib , I already have the letters. Could you email me the type of wood you used and if you stained it yourself which stain color you used?

  29. avatar Jennifer says:

    I got these metal letterso at hobby lobby, I wold love to do the wood back splash with it,,
    Can u tell me the demensions and what wood you used

  30. avatar Chelsea says:

    Hi! Can you please tell me where you found the extra large letters? Sorry if you’ve mentioned this before. Have a nice day!

  31. avatar Ashley says:

    Can you please tell me thename of the wall color youused?

  32. avatar olivia says:

    where did you get your wire baskets? :)

  33. avatar Brittany says:

    I’d like to know how you hung the peg board and also how you hung items of the peg board.

  34. avatar Sam says:

    Where did you get the baskets used on the pegboard organizer?

  35. avatar Brittany says:

    Where did you get the wood and rope to make the swing-like shelving? I would like to incorporate this in my little guy’s nursery :) Thank you!

  36. avatar Lindsay Holtgrew says:

    I would love to know where you got your glider chair from?

  37. avatar Amanda says:

    I would love to know about the pegboard and baskets as well!

  38. avatar Cayla says:

    Could you fill me in about to do the peg board?? How you hung it & where you found the baskets??

  39. avatar Charly says:

    I would love to get some information about this project! What are the measurements for the board itself and the letters? I looked at hobby lobby but I didn’t know if the big letters were too big.

  40. avatar Tai Lemaire says:

    Can you please tell me the measurements for the wood and letters as well. And where you found the letters please.

  41. avatar Melissa says:

    Awesome nursery. Would you share where you got the crib and the wall paint color please?

  42. avatar Amanda lockwood says:

    What kind of letters is this, metal, wood, foam? I love this piece!

  43. avatar Vanessa knight says:

    Just want you to know that my friend and I mimicked your design. Just wanted you to know and to thank you for sharing your ideas.

  44. avatar Casey McDaniel says:

    What are the measurements for the wood backdrop and how did you hang it? Also, how did you hang the accessories on the pegboard and mount it on the wall?

    Beautiful nursery! I have used a lot of your ideas-they are so cute!

  45. avatar margo says:

    What’s the measurements of the wood backdrop?

  46. avatar Lara says:

    LOVE, everything about this room! good Job!! Could you please tell me how you attached the basket and shelf to the peg board.. I have pegboard in my laundry room that this would be awesome to add to that space.

  47. avatar Erynn says:

    I have been looking for the perfect paint color and I’m so glad you shared, abosulelty LOVE this color! Thank you so much!!

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  49. avatar Lindsay B says:

    I love how yous styled your faux deer head from Near and Deer!

  50. avatar Sydni says:

    What kind of stains did you use for the barn wood?

  51. avatar Gina says:

    Sydni, we are in the process of moving so I don’t. It is packed away.

    Laura, it seems she no longer has her etsy shop up, sorry

    To all others: please read updates. I am no longer giving out the measurements

  52. avatar Laura says:

    I’ve been trying to find to personalized deer pillow on Etsy but am having no luck and the link isn’t working. Do you by chance have another link?

  53. avatar Sydni says:

    Hi I was just wondering what are the measurements for the antler pillow in the crib if you don’t mind.

  54. avatar Jordan says:

    Hello, I was going to try and create this piece for my boys nursery. Will you please send me measurements?

  55. avatar Jessica says:

    Can you please send me the measurements for the letter board. I know where to get the letters from just wanted to see how you made the board. My email is

  56. UPDATE:
    Due to individuals using my design and re selling it as their own I will no longer be sharing the measurements for the barn wood back drop. I’m sorry if this has caused an inconvenience but it was not intended to be shared for those purposes

    I do my best to respond to emails and comments but as a mom of 2 under 2 and a business owner any email inquiries with this request will not be responded to. Again I’m sorry for any inconvenience, the situation is unfortunate and I’m super disappointed that this has happened. I will do my absolute best to respond to other emails.

  57. avatar Whitney says:

    Love the nursery. We are doing a similar theme for our little boy. I would like some more info about the barnwood board above the crib. Measurements and how you attached everything. My e-mail is

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  59. avatar Angela says:

    Hello, I love the peg board idea behind the dresser/changing table. Do you have instructions on how you mounted that to the wall? My husband is trying to figure it out :) Thank you!

    You can email me at

  60. avatar Autumn says:

    Hi Gina,
    Did you ever post a DIY on the dresser?

  61. avatar Shannon Alcorn says:

    Can you please send me the diagram for the wood behind the crib also. Thanks so much!!

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  63. avatar Jaimie says:

    Hi! Can you please email me the measurements of the wood for the initials? Thanks so much!

  64. avatar Sheryl says:

    Could you ease send me measurements for the wooden backdrop? Also, the color stains and white wash you used. Thank you!

  65. avatar Samantha says:

    Can you tell me how you hung the baskets to the pegboard?

  66. avatar reanna says:

    Could you please send me the measurments of thr barn wood backdrop and the letters please

  67. avatar Whitney Payne says:

    Can you send me measurements on the barn wood as well? how long ago did you purchase the pouf from target? I am looking for one just like this.

  68. avatar Jen Fiske says:

    I would love more information on what specific stains and colors you used for the barn wood backdrop. I am hoping to do something similar and love how the color of the wood turned out. Did you start with new pieces or use aged wood? Thanks so much!!!

  69. avatar Gina says:

    As stated above unfortunately this website doesn’t allow you to attach an image for all measurement inquiries please email me.


  70. avatar Keri says:

    Could you please tell me the measurement of the wood behind the CWR? Thanks

  71. avatar Katelin Ganther says:

    Curious to where I click to find your blog for the measurements for the CWR behind the crib. If you can just email me at the measurements that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  72. avatar AMY ROBINSON says:

    Hi, I am wanting to make the barnwood piece for my niece and I was needing a little information also…can you give me the measurements of the barnwood backdrop? Also, how did you attach the tin letters and antlers? Did you have to do anything special to the antlers, like paint them or anything?

  73. avatar Sarah says:

    Beautiful room, I’m sure it will grow with him. You may find you need to move the changing table when the baby is 6-9 months old. Babies are very curious and it will be difficulty to keep them from interacting with the board above the changing table. Also, if you every plan to use any ointments/lotions on your child’s skin, know that it will end up on the wall. Consider paint/wall choices that are highly washable. Babies investigate everything and are more flexible than we every give them credit for.

  74. avatar brenda says:

    How did you get the antlers on the board?

  75. avatar Gina says:

    I sent you an email :)

  76. avatar Julia H says:

    hey Gina,

    I clicked on your link for the fitted crib sheets. I ordered two and I guess since I ordered them off your link they were sent to you. Is there anyways you can send them to me?

  77. avatar Elizabeth says:

    I’m in love with his nursery. Planning my little boys in deer and arrows. Did you hang a real deer head mount or did you buy?

  78. avatar Gina says:

    We’ve been on vacation, I will post a DIY this week on my blog. Thanks

  79. avatar Lauren says:

    can you please tell me what type of washes you used on the dresser? I picked up the color from lowes now I need some guidance on the washes. Thank you so much

  80. avatar Gina says:

    Corynn: please shoot me an email as I cannot attach an image in the comment


  81. avatar corynn Morgan says:

    Could I please get the measurements for the barn wood back drop as well, TAI!

  82. avatar Gina Wilcox says:

    Oh my goodness! Im so sorry to leave you ladies hanging! It didn’t send me any type of notification for y’alls comments!

    Ashlyn: I sent you an email with the diagram if anyone else would like measurements contact me via my blog and i’ll send it over… hoping to have time now that we are out of the newborn days to post a DIY

    Audrey: We made a cross brace on the back to stabilize the unit together, and we used the appropriate wire for hanging artwork for it’s weight with eye hooks that safely threaded into the back of the brace. Then we set a 50 lb dry wall anchor into the wall. My husband used a heavy duty construction screw so that the unit could hang like any other art work from it. The initials are hollow and super light weigh we just used good size nails for the letters. Each letter had multiple eye loops welded into them already so it stabilized and secured it. Good Luck!

    Lindsey, Lauren and Cat: The pouf is threshold it was purchased back in January I believe. Hope you ladies are able to find it!

    Candace: The barn wood is a combination of layers of stain, white wash, stain all while using steel wool for sanding. The two stains were

    Lauren: The paint color is Valspar and it’s called Atlantic Schooner #4004-6C It also has different washes over it

    Again ladies, I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, hope all of this helps. I’ll keep a better eye out for comments now! Happy Decorating!!!

  83. avatar Cat says:

    LOVE the pouf from Target! I can’t find it, either!

  84. avatar Lauren says:

    i love the color of the dresser. Can you please tell me what kind of paint you used? Thanks!!!

  85. avatar Lauren says:

    I’m so in love with this pouf! Can you tell me what brand from target? ??? We find out July 22 so if it’s a boy hunting and fishing it is, absolutely feel in love with this theme!

    Thank you!

  86. avatar Candace says:

    Can you tell me what color you painted the Barnwood above the crib?

  87. avatar Lindsey says:

    Love everything about your nursery! Can you tell me what brand the pouf ottoman is? I know you said it was from Target, but I can’t find it & I NEED it! :)

  88. avatar Audrey says:

    Can you tell me how you safely hung the barnwood and initials over the crib?

  89. avatar Ashlyn says:

    Beautiful nursery. Could you please tell me the measurements of the barn wood back drop behind the galvanized tin letters?