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Carolyne’s Puppy Party


We celebrated our little girl Carolyne's 2nd birthday with one of her favorite things - PUPPIES!! Most of the decor was DIY (from the printables, to the puppy yard stakes, and the puppy floral centerpieces) and went perfectly with our puppy themed menu! We used mostly coral, with a lot of purple and aqua accents! On the invitation, we asked that guests bring a donation for our local Humane Society instead of a gift - we ended up with several bags of dog and cat food AND $355, so it was a great success for a great cause.

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  1. thanks for sharing us

  2. avatar Bea says:

    Hi where do you find the beautiful tablecloth with the ruffles?? Thank you

  3. avatar Amy Griffin says:

    Thanks ladies! I have an Etsy store with quite a few printables from the party for sale if you’re interested!

  4. avatar Renee says:

    Where did you get/make the invitations? I love how you had people donate!

  5. avatar Brenda says:

    What a lovely party it was! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Would like to know how you have printed hand fans… they look great!
    Would you have a template to share by any chance?

  6. avatar Amy says:

    Hey Kayla! The brand is Baxter & Beatrice and I found it on (they had it listed as Brown Dog Bow Babydoll Top)…you probably won’t be able to get it there anymore, but maybe you can find it somewhere else online! :)

  7. avatar Kayla says:

    Were did you get her adorable outfit!

  8. avatar Amy says:

    I’ve recently opened an Etsy shop with a few party printables and decor!

  9. avatar Amy says:

    Thanks ladies! I actually made the backdrop myself…you can email at if you want some more info on it! :)

  10. avatar Brittney says:

    I NEED this adorable backdrop! Could you tell me where you got it pls that would be amazing :)

  11. avatar Jackie says:

    Love the backdrop!! do you mind sharing where you got it?

  12. avatar Pat Kasem says:

    Hi! I also love the puppy banner backdrop. Could you please tell me where I can buy it.


  13. avatar Leah says:

    Hi! Would you be willing to share where/who made your puppy banner backdrop? I LOVE it so much! Thanks Leah