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Captain Arron’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party


Arron loves anything pirate, so a pirate theme to celebrate his fifth birthday was a no brainer!

Design Inspiration

A more authentic pirate look was my inspiration for the party, think 'Pirates of the Caribbean'!  I went with natural elements and a classic pirate color scheme.

Decorating Style

I like a lot of textures, mixed patterns, natural elements and authentic looking props!

Project Details

Everything for my son's party was handmade and styled by me. I made all of the printables, banners, sails, table runners, pirate vests and sashes, my daughter's pirate costume, and all of the desserts (except the cake). The cake was made by my talented MIL Peg.

Games included: Walk the plank over shark infested waters, keep the cannons off the floor using black balloons, pin the Jolly Roger on the ship and a treasure map hunt to find the treasure chest pinata!

The whole family dressed up for the party! My son, of course, dressed as the captain of the party, my husband dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, my daughter was a pirate and I wore pirate colors!

All the kids even got to get into the pirate spirit! I made pirate vest and sashes for all the kids. I finished off the outfits with bandanas, swords, eye patches and compasses. At the end of the party each child was presented with a honorary pirate certificate from Captain Jack Sparrow!

A special HUGE thank you to my mom for all of her help setting up the party. Without her none of it would have been possible. She encourages and supports my creativity and helps my vision come to life! Thanks, Mom!

Favorite Items

My favorite items include:

1. The pirate vests,sashes, bandanas, swords, eye patches and compasses for all the kids in attendance. The kids absolutely loved being transformed into pirates and really getting into the theme of the party!

2. I loved the sails with the banners on them. They were the perfect touch to the decor and so easy to make!

3. The pirate chest full of treasure was a big hit with everyone. It added a very authentic feel to the party!

4. The kids' favorite part was the 'walk the plank' game. There were tons of giggles and proud pirates as they made their way across the plank without falling into the shark infested waters!

5. My husband dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow! What's a pirate party without Captain Jack Sparrow in attendance?!  ;)


Pick your theme and start shopping and gathering things early. I am very frugal when it comes to shopping for my parties. I shop clearances, garage sales, shop with coupons, shop dollar stores, borrow when I can, and hand make items when possible. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish on a budget when you shop smart and plan early!

Go big! Big items create a HUGE impact and give that larger than life feeling to the party.

Have fun! In the end it is about having fun and seeing your birthday boy or girl's face light up when they see what you have created just for them. My kids' reactions are the best part of the whole process! When I see that look of wonder and pure happiness spread across their face it makes my heart swell with joy.