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Bunny-Inspired Nursery


This is our favorite spot in the house! It was so much fun picking decor out for our babygirl’s room. Some things I begged my husband for (actually he just eventually said yes to everything because I was so excited each time I found another piece of her room and some items just showed up on the door step without consulting 🤷🏽‍♀️, whoops.) This room turned out just as I had envisioned it with special little pieces from different family members. I can’t wait to rock her in here for first time. 💞 🐰

When my Dad passed in November and my husband and I found out we were pregnant with a little girl the day after his funeral, I immediately flashed back to when I was little, growing up with my sister and our pet bunnies; mainly because these were some of the last memories my Dad talked about with me in the hospital days before he passed. I remember my Dad teaching me how to handle them and snapshots of memories with the bunnies and my sister who was the only one who could catch “Peter #1” when we would let him loose in the backyard. The bunnies in this room remind me of him and make me feel like he’s a part of her room. One day I’ll tell Ella-Mae why she has bunnies as the special theme of her room.

-Ashley Coleman

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  1. avatar Paige says:

    Love the paint color! Do you mind sharing? Thank you!

  2. avatar HashtagChad says:

    Pillows are HomeGoods finds. Don’t have a link for those, sorry!
    White wood table is Wayfair:
    Bunny was a gift.

  3. avatar HashtagChad says:

    The ear bunny hook was from Anthropologie. There’s something similar, but they don’t have the exact one any longer.

  4. avatar Ashley says:

    Bunny prints are 18×24!

  5. avatar Andrea says:

    What size are the bunny prints?

  6. avatar Aly says:

    May you please link the rug? And bunny ear hook?

  7. avatar A. Freeman says:

    can you please link the rug?

  8. avatar Emily says:

    Where did you get the monogrammed bunny and pillow? 😍

  9. avatar Lorri Apel says:

    Where is they white wood side table from?

  10. avatar Robin says:

    Beautiful! Would you mind sharing the chandelier / pendant source?

  11. avatar Ashley says:

    Pillow is from home goods.

  12. avatar Ellie says:

    Where is that’s cute pink buffalo check pillow from?

  13. avatar Valeria says:

    The bunny with her name where is it from? Beautiful

  14. avatar Ashley says:

    Glider is from Buy Buy Baby

  15. avatar Ashley says:

    The crib is the Elsie spindle crib from Pottery Barn and the paint color is Intimate White from Sherwwin Williams.

  16. avatar Ashley McManus says:

    Where is the glider from? Thanks!!

  17. avatar Ashley says:

    Hi Ashley – this is adorable! Do you mind sharing the paint color you used?

  18. avatar Kelly says:

    What is the crib?

  19. avatar Ashley says:

    The bunny prints are from an Etsy shop, LILAxLOLA.

  20. avatar Beth says:

    Looks like LILAxLOLA prints to me.

  21. avatar Ashley McManus says:

    Hi! Where are those bunny prints and frames from? Thanks!

  22. avatar Ashley Coleman says:


  23. avatar Kristen says:

    Where is the plant from?